#24  Launching the New Government

Last Update: October 15, 2018

The Federalist Era  

     1791 election of Washington and Adams    Federalist
     1800 election of Jefferson  Anti-Federalist

Washington's Inauguration  in New York City 
 1.  New York  (temporary capital)

2.  "so help me God"

Watch 12 min  video on George Washington

Early Government  

Watch Washington Launches New Government 2 min video

    Washington's 4 major cabinet positions and officers

    1.  Thomas Jefferson        Sec of State
    2.  Alexander Hamilton  Sec of Treasury
    3.  Henry Knox                Sec of War
    4.  Edmund Randolph    Attorney General

National Debt
is most urgent domestic problem

    Hamilton's 4 step financial program

    1.  Payment of the foreign debt
    2.  Payment of the domestic debt
    3.  Assumption of state debts
    4.  Bank of the United States (1st Nat Bk 20 yrs)

    Hamilton suggested funding the debt through
    tariffs, taxes, and bonds.

   It worked:  Hamilton's successful

    National Debt today   What's a Trillion powerpoint

Watch Hamilton's Republic 5 min video

Content Standard 6:

G. Examine the postwar rise in the standard of living, the OPEC Oil Embargo, the inflation of the 1970s, and the federal budget deficit problems of the 1980s and early 1990s

Foreign Problems

Watch gullitoine 4min video

    1.  French Revolution  ( AKA Reign of Terror )

    2.  Washington declares neutrality in Eng & France War

    3.  Citizen Genet (French)

   4.  Impressments of American sailors by British   to force American sailors to serve in the British Navy

Watch 5 min video on the Storming of the Bastile "Most"






A tax collector is tarred and feathered during the Whiskey Rebellion

                                      Watch Whiskey Rebellion 2min video

Whiskey Rebellion  

The Whiskey Insurrection was a popular uprising that had its beginnings in 1791 and culminated in an insurrection in 1794 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the Monongahela Valley. During George Washington's presidency, the government decided to tax whiskey in order to pay off the national debt. This infuriated the citizenry and led to the Whiskey Rebellion.


Washington retires to Mt. Vernon
    Farewell Address

Watch Washington's State of the Union 9 min video


What did we learn today?

What were the 4 major cabinet positions?

How did the U.S. deal with the national debt?




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