Mexican War    

The West Video

1.  0:27    The Mexican War is known in history as America fulfilling its manifest destiny 

2.  1:40   It's a forgotten war because we don't want to be reminded how beastly we behaved toward the Mexicans.

3. 2:10  Many people say the war was a dress rehearsal for the Civil War

4.   3:00   Many first... 1st time photography was used extensively in war.

5.  3:50 War was rooted in the central cause of Texas annexation and borders

6.   5:10  U.S. saw the Rio Grande as the boundary between Texas and Mexico called the Nuecus River the border.

7. 6:04   New York Newspaper editor John L. O'Sullivan coined the term manifest destiny Democratic Review 1845

8. 7:10   Between 1824 to 1844 14 presidents have been leaders in Mexico

9.  9:00  When the U.S. annexed Texas, Mexico declared war on the U. S.   

10.  10:20   Pres Polk appointed John Slidel as the U. S. ambassador to Mexico

11.  11:00  Pres Polk orders General Taylor's troops further south into the Rio Grande valley and were the bait at Ft Texas AKA Ft Brown

12.  12:35    A new Congressman named Abraham Lincoln drafted the Spot Resolutions and was against the War

13.  14:30  Henry David Thoreau wrote the essay "Civil Disobedience" in protest to the war

14. 16:30 There's a wonderful phrase called "seeing the elephant" in response to being quick to go off to fight the war.

15. 18:49  American artillery became the backbone of the American fight.

16. 20:00  The real enemy was disease called the "black vomit"

17. 20:50 General Zachary Taylor was known as "Old Rough and Ready"

18. 21:30  Gen Taylor captured Monterary but signed an armistice or cease fire that he wasn't supposed to sign.

19.  23:55 The battle of Buena Vista was Winfield Scott's greatest victory.

20.  25:00 During the war Pres Polk sent General Stephen Kearny to California to take that region from Mexico

21  26:14  General Winfield Scott's nickname was Old Fuss and Feathers

22.   26:40 Most consider General Scott's campaign against Vera Cruz to be the best in American history

23. 28:40  Mexican guerrillas attacked Americans curriers.

24.  30:30  General Scott felt the President didn't support him in his victories.

25.  31:10 President Polk wanted General Taylor to be the next president.

26.  32:40 The Battle of Chapultepec became the last great battle of the Mexican War

27. 34:44  The debate after the war was how much of Mexico to take

28.  35:50  Most U.S. citizens didn't want all of Mexico because of racism

29.  37:20  There was great debate over the 15 million paid to Mexico for California and other territory.

30.  39:00  But the greatest debate over the war aquired territory was the land going to be slave or free.