#105    Obama's  Second Term

Last Update: May 14, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

Barack Obama struggles with rocky start to second term

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Content Standard 7:

Discuss the election of 2008 and President Barak Obama

Election of 2012


He was elected to a second term in 2012. Having defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney by winning 65.9 million popular votes and 332 electoral votes.
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Headlines are dominated by scandals such as the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups

Health Care Rollout

Outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says the timeline for the ObamaCare rollout was "flat-out wrong" and that the federal exchange could have used “more time and testing” before going online.

Energy Crisis takes center stage in an enviromental showdown.

Ukraine revolts to break free from Russia's puppet rule

Putin tries to take control of Ukraine        map

Syrian rebels

Obama administration is looking at possible options to increase support to Syrian rebels after resisting persistent calls for months to provide weapons.

Golden Age of Sports?

Boston Marathon




Taxes and Jobs:

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 


Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act

Obama's Supreme Court

1.  President Obama has made two appointments to the Supreme Court:

2.  Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 and Elena Kagan in 2010 both are committed liberals,

3.  though they serve on a Court that has shifted to the right under Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush appointee.

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When almost 90 percent of white people in America who take the Implicit Association Test show an inherent racial bias for white people versus black people, that means something.

When young, black teenaged men are shot and killed by white police officers and trigger an extraordinarily intense social commentary about racial tension in communities like Ferguson, Missouri, it means we haven’t solved the equation yet.

We need a new, national conversation about race – about what it means when nearly every white person in America carries around an implicit racial bias that subconsciously prefers white people over black people in social, professional and educational settings. It’s black and white. It’s that stark. And we need to start on that conversation as soon as possible.


2015 Nationwide

Racial Tension

Media Hype says that Blacks and whites are divided over

1. white cops shooting black youths


Whites think blacks are thugs

Blacks think whites are racists and bias

Asians think there is no racist problems


A new national conversation and education about racism