Point / Counter Point

Let's discuss an issue:

The Democratic Party

         Watch Bottom Line and Cross Point

1.  AOC accused Mayor Pete of being too far to the right

2. Other Demo candidates Eliz Warren and Bernie Sanders says Pete is a DINO democrat in name only

3.  Pete wants free college and medicare for all

4.  Pete wants to be a centrist candidate  (center of the road)

Conclusion: Democratic firing squad will keep going all the way till the elections in November

1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter war/ thread with her followers

2.  Pete advocates for things voters care about

3. Voters want healthcare, housing and environmental protections, LGBT rights and education

4. Many 18-29 yrs old want free tuition

Conclusion  another instance of a growing schism in the Democratic Party... debated yes, but not on Twitter.