#38     Politics and Protocol

Election of 1840

    1.  Whigs nominate William Henry Harrison AKA "Old Tippecanoe" and John Tyler to be VP
    2.  Democrats choose Martin Van Buren

    3.  Harrison wins but dies after just 31 days of pneumonia

Watch Pres WH Harrison 3min video

President John Tyler
    1.  In trouble with Whigs cabinet resigns

    2.  Only Secretary of State Daniel Webster stays
 Webster-Ashburton Treaty (US & Britain) settled boundary between Canada and US

Watch President John Tyler 3.5 min video



Watch Oregon Fever 3min video

Oregon Question

"Fifty-four forty or fight" this was the battle cry of those expansionists that wanted the US / Canadian border to be 54 / 40' instead of the 49th parallel

-James K. Polk

Watch President James K. Polk 5 min video:

What did we learn today?

Describe the election of 1840 ?

What was the Oregon question?



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OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to: 1. list 2. explain the difference between 3. describe the 4. chart on a map the 5. define the terms 6. Explain the significance of Knowledge: Recall of data. Comprehension: Understand the meaning, translation, interpolation, and interpretation of instructions and problems. State a problem in one's own words. Application:
Use a concept in a new situation or unprompted use of an abstraction. Applies what was learned in the classroom into novel situations in the workplace. Analysis:
Separates material or concepts into component parts so that its organizational structure may be understood. Distinguishes between facts and inferences.  Synthesis:
Builds a structure or pattern from diverse elements. Put parts together to form a whole, with emphasis on creating a new meaning or structure.

Make judgments about the value of ideas or materials.

Remember : Recognizing, Recalling
Understand : Interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, inferring, comparing, explaining
Apply : Executing, implementing
Analyze : Differentiating, organizing, attributing
Evaluate : checking, critiquing
Create: generating, planning, producing