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get 10 extra credit pts per box. Max 3

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US History _____ hr

August _____ 2018

Pop Quiz America Before the Modern Age
Skip a line here and between the numbers

 1. What is the name of your teacher?

2.  What is the US History Schoology login URL?

3.  What is the homework assignment due Wednesday? lesson 1-3

4.  What makes history what it is?  Watch video
many stories, many diverse people all connected together

5.  What period of world history are we in today?

6.   Native Americans had no knowledge of the ____ or _______

7.   Which group of Native Americans live in dried clay homes?

8.   Native Americans probably crossed a land bridge @ the ___  ___
      to get to America?

9. I have found the Schoology web site on the internet and
      saved as a favorite? (yes or no)

10.   What was the name of the dwelling with poles and animal skins?  

Ex Credit:   What is VCS' mascot name?

                  Example: OU : Sooners  /  OSU : Cowboys  /  VCS ____?  


Updated: August 24, 2018