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US History _____ hr September 9, 2011

Pop Quiz Denominational Beginnings                        

Skip a line here and between the numbers

  1.  What was the meaning of Edwards' quote "and we are evidently a people blessed of the Lord!  And here in this corner of the world, God dwells and manifests his glory."?             

Match the church groups.

a.  these people lived in France before the New World
______ 2.  Puritans b.  Settled in middle colonies
______ 3. Separatist c.  Settled Massachusetts in large numbers
______ 4.  Anglicans

d. Pilgrims / Mayflower / Massachusetts

e. this group came from a long ancesteral line of famous school teachers and , some say, adventurous heros who braved the world for mankind

5.  What is a covenant?

6.  Which English queen had the nickname " bloody"?

The Truth About the Salem Witch Trials

7.  What did the young girls claim? 

8.  How many were hanged?  __  Any burned at the stake?___

9.  Why did some confess? 

10What evidence was brought before the court to condem
        the accused?
Ex Credit:   Who does the VCS football team play next?