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1. What has been the most trans formative, world changing invention the world has seen?

2. What was the world wide web like in the early 1990s? lines of useless text, for nerds only.

3. What was the name of the first free browser? Mosaic

4. Who was the wealthy co-founder of Netscape? Jim Clark

5. Who was the founder of the successful of Microsoft? Bill Gates

12:10 Look at Bill Gates "Life's Not Fair Rules"

6.  In the browser wars who was "David" and who was "Goliath"?
                                                  Netscape Navigator                Microsoft Windows

23:15   7. What did Microsoft offer Netscape in the famous meeting? 1 million $

8. What happened when Netscape went public? windfall profits

9.  What was the name of Microsoft's browser? Internet Explorer

30:07  10.  When Bill Gates made a reference to the "sleeping giant has awakened" what was the subject of the reference?  Pearl Harbor

11.  What underhanded tactic did Microsoft force on manufacturers of computers.  that if they didn't include Internet Explorer in their sales package then they wouldn't get the right to the Windows systems platform

12. How did Microsoft emerge triumphant in the browser wars?  they offered Internet Explorer for free.

13.  Where did Gates throw the party for their victory in the browser wars?  San Francisco

14.  Where did they prank and put the giant E? Netscape fountain

15.  Who bought Netscape? AOL

16. Jim Clark said that he invested 5 million and made _2__ billion.

17.  What was Gates' and Microsoft's next foe?  U.S. Government.

18.  What was the court's verdict? Guilty, in appeals court Microsoft won and didn't have to break up.  Gates retires and concentrates on philanthropic endeavors

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Updated: April 23, 2012