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May 3, 2010

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 1. Who developed the software for Napster? Shawn Fanning

1:47 2. Napster turned users from "passive recipients of information to active and engaged participants."

3. Why was Napster illegal? downloading copyrighted songs for free is illegal

5:00 4. Fanning and Napster lost in the courts in 2001 but it gave rise to itunes

7:00 5. What makes YouTube so popular? any user can participate and people have the opportunity to create their own content.

10:00 6. What is web 2.0? browser users can be active participants

11:45 7. By 2005 how many registered users used MySpace?  27 million

13:22 8.  How much did Rupert Murdock buy MySpace for? 650 mil

9.  Who was the founder of Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg

14:57 10.  So how does the internet success stories work?  boy creates software in college dorm room, software catches on takes the web by storm, boy moves out to silicon valley and enlists venture capitalists, boy makes millions after he sells to larger company.

11.   What is facebook trying to create?  the ultimate social network

16:10 12.  What is the idea of "6 degrees of separation"? you're only 6 people from any other person on the earth

17:35 13. Microsoft paid 240 mil for how much of Facebook? 1.6 %

19:30 14. What is blogging? an online journal

15. Craig's List founder says it's not about making money its about setting communication free

23:00 16. Wikipedia is about 90 % accurate.

24:25 17. Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web? Sir Tim Berners-Lee


  Updated: May 10, 2010