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Date    (May 1, 2017)

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 1. Who were the first two  companies to try making search software?
                          Yahoo and Excite

2. What was the catchy name for Jerry and Dave's Guide to the World Wide Web?  Yahoo !

9:12 3. What was it going to take to make money with Yahoo?  advertising

4.  How do the advertisers on search sites make money? they try to turn search users into a captive audience for the benefit of the advertisers.

15:35  5. Mathematically what does google mean?  10 to the 100th power

17:20  6.  How does Google work? a link from page A to page B is a vote from page A for page B, Google accesses the page's importance by the number of votes the page receives.

7. Excite could have bought Google for : 1 million

22:00  8. What does it mean if something is a "mint"?  always make you money

9.  What happens when Sergi cashes the 100,000? they become partners

28:40 10. How did Google get the idea on how to make money? copied it

11.  What is the window to the mind of the user's intent?  key words

35:30 12.  When did Google go public? 2004

13.  What is Google doing today? earth   library, maps, spreadsheets, YouTube, google glasses,

14.  How does Microsoft counter Google?  BING




  Updated: April 28, 2017