Teacher: Mr. Cap

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US History _____ hr
March 1, 2010

Pop Quiz Month, Day, Year
Skip a line here and between the numbers

 1.  Name the year these three things came to Jamestown:
                                            Women, Slaves, House of Burgess.

2.  Give the month, day, and year of the Declaration of Independence.

3.  This was the year the Civil War ended and Lincoln was assassinated.

4. Give the month, day, and year of World War I's armistice.

5. Give the month, day, and year of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

6.  Name the year World War II ended.

7.  Mr. Cap turned 55 in May of 2009.  What year was he born?

8.  Give the month, day, and year terrorists attacked the twin towers?

9.  Which year was President Obama elected?

10. Which of these school years was Mr. Cap's first at VCS?
                                                              0607, 0708, 0809, 0910, 1011

Ex Credit: You pick.  Describe what happened, and name the year of
something else of historical significance that happened in U. S. History?