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Pop Quiz New England Colonies

Skip a line here and between the numbers

 1.  Name the three types of colonies.. 

2.  Relationship between church and state. Beginning colonies  - church and state were _________ separate .  

3.  Later colonies - movement to separate and develop _____ of religion

4.  Settlers were lured to the New world with ____________________

5. What type of servant worked for a specific period usually 4-7 yrs.

6.  How did New England get its name?

7.  What is the name of the document to the right?

8.  What famous person, from a long line of famous, and handsome, school teachers also signed the document?

9. Who was Squanto?

10. What does it mean to be "a city upon a hill"? 

Ex Credit:   What did "errand in the wilderness" mean to the Puritans?