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Pop Quiz 13 Colonies Overview and L 6-7

Skip a line here and between the numbers

 1.  Name the three colonial regions.  

2.  At first the relationship between church and state - church and state were _________ separate .  

3.  Later colonies - movement to separate and develop _____ of religion

4.  Settlers were lured to the New world with ____________________

5. What type of servant worked for a specific period usually 4-7 yrs.

6. First permanent English settlement?

7.  What was the communal system where each was required to put their food in one place.

8.  How did New England get its name?

9.  What is the name of the document to the right?

10.  What famous person, from a long line of famous, and handsome, school teachers also signed the document?

Ex Credit:   What does it mean to be "a city upon a hill"?