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Pop Quiz Lesson 3 & 4
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 1.  Feudalism : all aspects of life centered  around the ownership of __

2.  A distorted Christianity from the ____  _____ Church)
     dominated Europe

3.  What was another name for the Bubonic Plague ?

4.   Define Crusades.

5.   What new social group bridged the gap between Lords
        and peasants

6.    Which of these years would best represent Feudalism in Europe?
       A.D. 100-700, A.D. 700-1300, A.D. 1300-1700, A.D. 1700-Present

7.   What name was given Spanish noblemen that explored and
       conquered the New World ?

8.  Ferdinand Magellan   a. conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico
9.   Hernando Cortes   b.  this brave, and some say handsome, sailor saved Vasco's crew and the Cap of Good Hope was named after him and his ancestors became great teachers among the people

10.  Vasco de Balboa 

c.  began a three year voyage around the world
  d.  discovered the Pacific Ocean

Ex Credit:   Which Spanish explorer was the first European to
                      cross Oklahoma?

         or   Who does Victory play tonight in their football game?