# 58       Progressive Movement  ch 18

Last Update: January 24, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

President McKinley

Election of 1896

1.  was famous for  the McKinley Tariff

  2.  carried on a front porch campaign

Watch President William McKinley 6.5 min video:


OK PASS Objectives

Content Standard 2:

2. Evaluate the impact of industrialization on American society

D. Evaluate the rise of the Progressive Movement in relation to political changes at the national and state levels

During McKinley's term 

    1.  the U.S. won the Spanish American war
2.  he was assassinated in 1901 after his election  to a second term in 1900

3.  Theodore Roosevelt, McKinley's VP became President

                      Watch Roosevelt Life in 1900  6 min video

President McKinley
President Roosevelt
1. quiet, reserved, and sedate 1.  energetic, active, and outgoing
2. political conservative, cautious, favored tried and true Republican policy of supporting big business / little government 2. political progressive, aggressive man who favored vigorous government action to curb abuses and secure justice and fair treatment for all Americans

 2. direct primaries gave voters a voice in nominating candidates to run for public office

 3. initiative: voters initiate laws
                       by petition

 4. trust-busting: breaking up monoplies and restoring competition.










5. recall: voters can remove official

 6. referendum: voters vote for laws

D. Evaluate the rise of the Progressive Movement in relation to political changes at the national and state levels (e.g., workplace protections, conservation of natural resources, increased political strength of third parties, the direct primary, initiative petition, referendum, and recall).

Constitutional Progressivism:

16th amendment (graduated) income tax

17th amendment direct election of Senators
                             by the people
(Name the two Senators from Oklahoma for pop quiz)

18th amendment Prohibition "hic"

19th amendment  guaranteed women the
                              right to vote

Content Standard 4:
B. Investigate the long term effects of reform movements, such as the Women's Suffrage Movement, Temperance/ Prohibition Movements (e.g., the 18th, 19th, and 21st Amendments 1 to the Constitution)

Muckrakers: writers who exposed abuses or corruption Roosevelt called them this because they always wrote only about the bad part of society.

Watch America the Story of Us Cities: Triangle Fire 7min video or
Watch Triangle Fire The Most 3 min video

Robert M. La Follette: Senator from Wisconsin was an early progressive leader.

President Roosevelt: 2nd progressive president


Content Standard 2:

government policies affecting child labor, wages, working conditions, trade, monopolies, taxation and the money supply (e.g., Sherman Anti-trust Act and Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 1,2).

Lincoln Steffens wrote the book Shame of the Cities

Watch America the Story of Us Crime and Filth in the Cities 11min video

B. Describe the effects of the "muckrakers" Upton Sinclair, and William Jennings Bryan 1 ) and reform movements (e.g., that resulted in government policies affecting child labor,

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