#50 Reconstruction in the North     

Territorial Map of the U.S. 1870

Last Update: November 21, 2019

OK PASS Objectives

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes(1, 2 ), key events, and effects(1, 2, 3) of the Civil War/ Reconstruction era.1, 2, 3, 4,

U.S. Grant 

Popular Civil War hero.  Republican President after Andrew Johnson

    1.  Republican candidate for President
    2.  Honest and upright but inexperienced
    3.  Gold Scandal  /  Black Friday
                                                             Watch President Grant 9 min video:


How was the administration of Ulysses S. Grant marred in scandal?   many "rings"  or groups of people trying to control political power.

    Who was Boss Tweed ?  New York mafia leader who bribed government officials.


Let's shift gears and write a constructive response in our notes.

Answer the question in a 5 sentence constructive response format.

1.   Read the section: How was the administration of Ulysses S. Grant marred in scandal? 

What does it mean / or results or problems to overcome is an administration has scandal?   

Here are the parts you need to include in a constructed-response answer:
  1. Restatement. Don't just copy the question; restate the question in your answer. ...
  2. Answer. Answer all parts of the question. ...
  3. Evidence. Cite the proof for your answer. ...
  4. Analysis. This is where you're going to explain your choice of evidence. ...
  5. Conclusion
Number and left justified each sentence and skip a line.

Thomas Nast:

Political Cartoonist

OK PASS Objectives

Process Standard 1: The student will demonstrate process skills in social studies.
1. Identify, analyze, and interpret primary and secondary sources (e.g., artifacts, diaries, letters, photographs, documents, newspapers, media,
2. Recognize and explain how different points of view have been influenced by nationalism, racism, religion, culture and ethnicity.
3. Distinguish between fact and opinion in examining documentary sources. (1,2,3

Credit Mobilier Scandal   railroad construction company embezzled money and bribed Congressmen by selling them cheap stock

Gold Scandal: Fisk and Gould schemed to buy large quantities of gold to drive up the prices.  On "Black Friday" 1869 panic ensued as the price of gold skyrocketed.

Samuel Tilden            -       Democrat
Rutherford B. Hayes -       Republican

How was the election of 1876 disputed?

Rutherford B. Hayes

In four states the electoral votes were in
dispute Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and
South Carolina

Hayes needed those states to win the election.

Special Election Commission was established to help decide the election.


Compromise of 1877   or click here for hmwk
        Electoral votes would go to Hayes if???
   (backroom deals?)

    1.  Hayes removed troops from the south
                                (return of civilian rule in the South)

    2.  Appoint a southerner to his cabinet

    3.  Economically help the struggling South

  The historical significance is that the American people, and Samuel Tilden, took the outcome of the election in stride. no assassinations, no violence

                                                                                                      Watch President Rutherford Hayes President 9 min video

What did we learn today?

How was the administration of Ulyssses S. Grant marred in scandal?

Describe the main points of the Compromise of 1870?





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