The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 2 of 4
Fighting Back  video

1. 8:00  Jim Crow laws started to keep blacks from
           voting and having power.

2.  10:30  On election days whites wore red shirts as a sign that
              you didn't want blacks to vote.

3. 13:30  President McKinley remained silent over the issue of Jim Crow

4.  15:20 Jim Crow laws separated the races and racism increased.

5.  17:13  Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown started schools
            that trained their minds not just domestic training.

6.   19:30 Dr. Brown taught that prejudice and racism could be overcome

7. 21:40  Blacks were rounded up and forced to work on convict
            labor chain gangs.

8. 22:45  Chain gangs were sometimes housed in rolling cages
            usually used for circus animals

9.  24:15 Forced convict labor was called slavery part 2.

10.  25:10  Blacks were never safe even if they played along they
               were still in danger of violence

11.  27:00  In 1890 New Orleans was the most racially integrated
              city in America

12.  28:00  Omar Plessey challenged the Jim Crow laws in
               New Orleans he tried to sit in a first class seat in a rail car.

13.  29:20  Plessey v. Furgusen was a set back for blacks who
                wanted to overturn Jim Crow laws

14. 30:20    Within 10 years of Plessey blacks had taken steps
                 backward and were totally segregated

15. 31:00   Blacks used jazz music to challenge the white music art forms.

16. 33:00   Whites countered by drawing caricature dipicting blacks as
                inferior, stupid, and not human

17. 33:50    Booker T. Washington said that blacks would be
                better off by staying separate and using education to
                rise above Jim Crow

18. 35:00    W.E.B. Debois wrote The Souls of Black Folks essays
              that countered what Booker T. Washington taught.

19. 36:00   Washington received the support from industrialists
              and even Pres Roosevelt

20.  38:00   Atlanta becomes one of the most racially segregated
               cities in America

21. 40:10    Dixon's play  Klansmen glorified the KKK and
                denigrated blacks

22.  35:30   As a result of this play a race riot started in Atlanta
                and violence reigned.

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