The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 3 of 4
Don't Shout Too Soon    video


1. 2:00   Mary Turner had done the unthinkable... she dared to fight back

2.  3:00  One all black unit the 369th during WWI fought more than any
            white unit and earned 129 medals

3. 4:00  Blacks hoped that if they fought in WWI they would be
             accepted at home.

4.  5:20   Eugene Williams in 1919 had crossed the color line in
            Chicago swimming area and a riot broke out

5. 7:13    Walter White passed as a white person and infiltrated the
             racist white ranks in Helena Arkansas.

6. 10:00  Early 1920s Tulsa had the most prosperous black
            community called Greenwood. Investors called
             Greenwood the "black wallstreet.

7. 11:40   After the Tulsa riot over 6000 blacks were rounded up,
             35 square city blocks burned, 800 wounded, over 300 died
             not a single white were brought to justice.

8. 14:00    In 1919 lynchings soared. 90 alone one every 4 days.

9.  15:15   W.E.B. Debois founded the NAACP to educated the
               public to train black leaders. The Crisis was the newspaper

10.  16:10  Established in 1880s Fisk University became
               the best black college in America

11.  19:00  In 1924 the white president of Fisk University tried to
               separate from Debois but at his daughter's graduation
               he  remained silent no longer

12.  20:00  Many students went on strike because the University
               President MacKenzie
became lukewarm on separation of races

13.  22:20  The talented tenth were those affluential blacks who
                could be the leaders of the day

14. 24:20  In the 1920s  Harlem had become the Mecca of
              talent, artists, and money

15. 25:00  The black farmer called a sharecropper in the south had
              become the poorest of the poor

16. 27:00  Ned Cobb had become a prosperous land owner sharcropper

17. 28:20   The communist party had come to the south and took a
               stand against segregation and the white south responded
               with the KKK getting stronger in the south.

18. 31:00   Cobb and the sherrif exchanged gun fire over a sharecropper
              Cliff James' foreclosure later
               arrested, convicted and jailed for 12 years

19. 33:00  By the 1930s the NAACP was struggling so Walter White
              takes over and keeps the movement moving

20.  35:00  In 1933 a new president was elected Franklin D. Roosevelt

21.  37:10  De Bois was trying to say that integration was important
              but most important was the education of blacks segregated
              or integrated.

22.  35:30  DeBois resigns from the NAACP in 1934

23.  41:00  Charles Hamilton Houston would film South Carolina
              schools blacks and whites to show the striking contrast

24.  43:00  The WPA helped blacks during the great depression

25. 45:38   Still lynchings continued... whites were training their
              children that lynching was OK
... it was time for a law.

26.  44:00  Eleanor Roosevelt pleaded with the president to pass a law.

27. 48:00   Houston took the fight of a lynching law to the supreme court

28. 49:20  Lloyd Gains was a black denied going to Missouri Law
             School and Houston won in the supreme court.

29.  51:35   Charles Hamilton Houston dies in 1950 and changes
               the legal culture in America and convinces the court
               to uphold the law

30.  53:40    The fight has just begun