The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 4
Terror and Triumph         video

1. 1:00    Sharecropping in the south was still dominating the south
            and their children were doomed to a life of illiteracy

2.  4:30   Separation of the races dominated America

3. 7:10   Then comes WW II and blacks and whites fought separate
             first then toward the end of the war together

4.  7:50  Blacks saw another side of racism in the Nazi
             concentration  camps trying to exterminate the Jews

5.  9:13   The freed French welcomed black soldiers as their liberators

6.  10:30  Blacks came home from the war and wanted to be treated fairly

7. 11:40   But the status quo... hate... and Jim Crow was still the rule.

8. 14:45   Blacks realized that the way to change Jim Crow
             was through politics

9.  16:15  In some Mississippi counties blacks out numbered
             whites so if blacks would vote then things would change

10. 18:10  Professor Alvin Jones led some to register and vote and
              he was later beaten to death

11.  20:00   The way to vote is you have to be registered so whites
                stopped blacks from registering through intimidation

12.  22:00   That's why lynching was so effective because it's such a
                visual, violent, and humiliating death

13.  23:20   Eugene Talmage was the white American Adolf Hitler
                in Georgia.

14. 26:20    A mob of armed whites, led by racist Lloyd Harrison,
                murdered shot and lynched   WWII vets and their wives.

15. 34:00    Pres Harry Truman was the first to address the NAACP

16. 36:10    Governor Strom Thurmon, of South Carolina, challenged
               Truman by organizing the racists State's Rights Party

17. 37:00   Truman signs Executive Order 9981 desegrated the
                 armed forces

18. 39:00   Truman won the election of 1948 not needing the
                white southern vote

19. 39:00    Racial barriers begin to fall as Jackie Robinson became
               the first black major league baseball player

20. 40:00    Now blacks led by Thurgood Marshall realize that the
               courts were a way to challenge Jim Crow

21.  41:30    In 1950 Blacks had never been to a white school

22. 46:10    Morton High School, Barbara Johns, organized a going to
               school strike to demonstrate against segregation

23.  49:00  NAACP lawers came to Farmsville to help the movement.

24.  50:00  Later Brown v Board of Ed case overturned Plessy v Fergusson

25.  52:30    Now comes the legal end of Jim Crow.... WWII vets,
                authors, lawers, and other activists' voices spur on the
                black movements:
                Slavery / Reconstruction / Jim Crow / WWII /
                Civil Rights' Movement
/ 70s&80s Desegration /
                90s 2000s decades of firsts / 2008 President Obama /
                Black Lives Matter