#94  The Rising Conservative Tide

Last Update: April 19, 2017

OK PASS Objectives

Content Standard 6:

J. Compare and contrast conservative and liberal economic strategies, including the positions of political parties and interest groups on major issues to the present.

The New Right: 

They shared the beliefs of traditionalists:  opposed to communism, limited government,  Christian principles.

Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell

The Charismatic movement led by Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Billy Joe Daughtery, Kenneth Copeland and others.  In what ways did the movement receive set backs fund raising, sex scandals, political campaigning


Proposition 13    1978

People's Initiative to Limit Property Taxation in Califorina starts a movement of lowering taxes in America

G. Examine the postwar rise in the standard of living,and the federal budget deficit problems of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Election of 1980        Issues

    1.  Restore the U.S. image at home and abroad

    2.  Hostages were still held in Iran

    3.  Communism was still spreading & a threat

    4.  Americans suffered from heavy taxation and rampant inflation and economic recession.

    Republicans choose:  Ronald Reagan former governor of California and actor

    Democrats choose President Jimmy Carter

    Reagan wins in a landslide 483 electoral votes to Carter's 49 map







Watch Reagan 2 min video:








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