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Short Answer essay: Write in complete sentences. 

Lesson 52:  After the Civil War the US Government needed reforming.  What was the most pressing reform that was needed?  What was the spoils system?  How was it reformed?


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Lesson 53:  During the Age of Industry what was the great change that was brought to American society?





Questions for the America the Story of Us Statue of Liberty video

1.  In what city was the statue of liberty erected?  New York

2.. Which country gave the statue of liberty to America?  France

3.  Joseph Pulitzer raised funds for the erection he was a   (pick one)

      oilman, steelman, governor, newspaper man, rapper .  Newspaper

4. What did the men toss into the cement for good luck? coins

5.  What is the outter shell of the statue made of?  copper

6.  What color is the statue today?  green

Extra Credit:  On what island does the Statue of Liberty stand?





Video questions: Southern Race Relationship in the 1870s 7 min video

1.  In what year did the Radical Republicans pass the Civil Rights Act? 1875

2.  Why were owners fined?  for refusing to serve blacks.

3.  What did the courts say about the Civil Rights Act? individual behavior does not offend the constitution

4.  2:04  What does the 14th Amendment say? no state shall deny

5.  Which justice refused to join the majority. Harland

6.  Why did the 8 vote to strike down the Civil Rights Act? they said reconstruction was over and now you're on your own / they said the country was ready to move on so no more forced reform of race relations.

7.  What was Harland saying in his dissent? we the court protected slave masters, now we need to protect the former slaves.

8.  So after the court struck down the Civil Rights Act, who decided the path of race relations? upper class whites in the south

Extra Credit: What famous supreme court case before the
                        Civil War was Justice Harland trying to overturn?