#5 Spanish Armada
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Spanish Armada

A great flotilla of ships 130 warships 30,000 men sent by Spain to conquer England  

  1.  Spanish gold and riches came pouring in to the Spanish kingdom

  2.  Spanish king Philip II wanted to eliminate
    their chief sea rival England, built a great
    flotilla of ships and men called the
    Spanish Armada
  3.  Sir Francis Drake led the English against Spain. 

Armada sailed through the English Channel and  a tempest arose and the ships crashed into the coast of England.

Spanish Armada  was defeated by the "winds and waves of God" as their ships crashed into the coast of England.     

    Historical Significance 
        1.  Ever since the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, England increased in power and Spain decreased as a world power.


Lines on a map that run north and south - longitude

Lines on a map that run east and west - latitude


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6. Explain the significance of

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