#48 Struggle over Reconstruction  1865-1877   

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OK PASS Objectives


Reconstruction  is the process of restoring or rebuilding the Confederate States back into the Union.

    1.  Lincoln started the reconstruction
    2.  Congress finished reconstruction

    South's problems
    1.  Destruction:  the south was devastated  (the south held a grudge)

    2.  plight of the freedmen ;  
3 1/2 mil former slaves called freedmen.

  3. Each student, in their own words, define racism

Extreme Racism

Content Standard 1: Gen Sherman's March to the Sea, 60 mile swath of scorched earth policy  The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War/ Reconstruction era.

Watch 30 min Reconstruction video:
Watch Reconstruction 14min video


President Lincoln's 10% Plan

    1.  make reconstruction as easy as possible
   2.  when 10% take the oath / pardon / then a new state gov could be set up

   3.  prohibit slavery in each state and pass the Civil War Amendments  




Abraham Lincoln's sudden death








Watch Nat Treasure Book of Secrets assassination video

Lincoln Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
@ Ford's Theatre watching  
"Our American Cousin "

   1.  Andrew Johnson assumes the Presidency
    2.  Congress (Radicals) use the situation to take control of reconstruction.
    3. Racism caused lawmakers to pass Black Codes began to spring up in the south laws passed by southern states to keep freedmen from voting or having civil rights (life, liberty, property)
14th amendment





6. Evaluate the continuing impact of Reconstruction policies on the South, including southern reaction (e.g., tenant farming,







2.  have the southern states start functioning again as loyal states as quickly as possible
    3.  pardon all southerners who would take an oath of loyalty










Ku Klux Klan, Carpetbaggers, scalawags, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Jim Crow laws.

    Civil War    Amendments

   13th - freed the slaves  1865  

   14th - citizenship and
              gave freed slaves
              civil rights  1868

   15th - freedmen the right
              to vote   1870


The 14th amendment
says "no state shall"...
   "deprive citizen ...rights."
        (life, liberty, property)



Watch 7 min video on the 14th Amendment  fast forward to 3:05:

Content Standard 1:

5. Relate the basic provisions and postwar impact of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution.








6. Evaluate the continuing impact of Reconstruction policies on the South, including southern reaction Black Codes, Ku Klux Klan, and Jim Crow laws.




Reconstruction                                  Watch President Andrew Johnson 11 min video
1.  a miserable failure in obtaining equality for freedmen 
2.  Freedmen's Bureau did some good, schools though promote racial separation, 
3.  By 1870 the Invisible Nation (KKK)
takes over southern politics by employing brutal racists tactics.

(KKK Then and Now video)



The impeachment of President Johnson highlighted the Reconstruction Era.  Removing Johnson would upset the balance of power in American politics.



What did we learn today?

What was the Reconstruction?


Why was reconstruction difficult?


How did Lincoln's death change reconstruction?

Did reconstruction work?


Do we see evidence of the failure of reconstruction today?









.Read p 334 &335 about the impeachment of President Johnson.  Write a summary about the principle players and the outcome.

Johnson "supposedly" violated the Tenure of Office Act,

Tenure of Office Act  (1867) required Senate approval for the
                removal of Cabinet officers

February, 1868: House of Representatives impeaches  Johnson because he tried to discharge only radical republican left in his cabinet: Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.

Senate refuses to convict Johnson  fell one vote short / Reason? Stanton was appointed by Lincoln and therefore Johnson did not violate the Tenure of Office Act

Radical Republicans seen as being above the of Constitution, lose public support some feared removal of the President would threaten the constitutional balance of powers

Impeachment trial did subdue the President on the side of Congressional Reconstruction, this neutralized his opposition to their program

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