Syllabus for Mr. Cap's

       U. S. History Class

Welcome to my history class. This is going to be a great school year and I'm looking forward to teaching you. 

Supplies needed: Loose-leaf notebook paper or spiral notebook, pen or pencil.

This class will cover topics found in the textbook as well as current events taught from a Christian perspective. Mr. Cap tries to use the latest Internet and computer access advantages a teacher can have.

Grading:  I cover a chapter or a ½ chapter of the textbook each week, and students will be required to look at the website lessons before the lessons are taught throughout the week. Lecture notes will be required to be taken and maintained throughout the year in a spiral notebook.  Students may use those notes for a quiz each Tuesday.

Homework: Check Mr. Cap's lesson plans on the website for homework assignments.  There will be one assignment each week due 7:30 am Wednesdays. These assignments are webbased (so no paperwork) and are very easy, should take about 15-20 minutes to complete 25 % will be deducted for the first day it's late and 10% for each day the assignment is late, up to fifty percent.

Students are required to take  notes in class every day I lecture.  All of the notes are also posted on the VCS website so absent students can keep up.  Class notes will be collected at the midterm, and end of each quarter for a test grade.  Some quarters there will also be a midterm exam and a nine week exam given.

Pop Quizzes    (one per week)

            Minor =  40 %

           Major =   60 %

                              =  100%

        Quarter Grade for History  

Tuesday Quizzes  
Wednesday Homework Assignment
Mid Term Exam or class notes
9 Week Exam and or class notes
 Everyday's a Grade   (Link)       Minor

I have been teaching high school since 1985 teaching a variety of subjects but primarily focusing on history.  For 23 years I taught at Grace Christian School, became Chairman of the GCS History Department in 1996, and won "Teacher of the Year" in 2003 and 2009. I joined the faculty at Victory in 2009 and was the Victory 2011 and 2015 VCS Secondary "Teacher of the Year", and in 2012 was awarded the VCS "Honorary Teacher of the Year".    

Schoology is an online platform students can use to access class notes, quizzes, tests, and study materials

To access Schoology go to


Password: Welcome2  (change after you first login)

Have a great school year!!!      Mr. Cap                                                  Updated: September 19, 2017

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