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US History

     Thanksgiving Homework for those who on the Friday before Thanksgiving have 0s in powerschool.
Watch America the Story of Us Civil War video  Open up two browser windows so you can watch the video
and answer the questions at the same time.  Print and then answer the questions below. Return to Mr.Cap for grade.

1.  What was the name of the bullet made out of lead?_________________Where invented?___________

2.  The new bullet has an accuracy range of over __________________ yards.

3.  8:00  By the time of the North's final victory some _______________________ lay dead.

4.  August 1862 Gen Robert E. Lee launches an attack against Union forces in ______________________

5.  11:10   The South's prosperity is built around what simple crop? _______________________________

6.  Before the Civil War General Robert E. Lee was a veteran of what war?  _________________

7.  What speeds on its way to the south ready to resuply troops? _________________________

8.  14:00     How many Union soldiers did Gen Lee kill in the Battle of Bull Run? _____________

9.   Lincoln struck a deal with the Railroad owners what became a new weapon of war? _________

10.  18:50 For the first time in history  _____________________ is put behind the war effort.

11.   Like  Twitter today, it took seconds to send these messages.  _____________________

12.    Lincoln put all telegraph operations under whose control? _________________________

13.   25: 10 At the Battle of Antietam in 1862 how many are killed?  _____________________________

14.  During the Civil War what two items are used as anesthetics? ____________  __________________

15.   Large numbers of women sign up as battlefield _________________.

16.   29:10   Clara Barton goes on to found the ______________ __________ _________________

17.  Because of the _______________ gory immages of the battlefield can now reach home.

18.  32:30   What was the new technique to preserve a body after it died?  ________________________

19.  On January 1st 1863 Lincoln issues what?  ________________________________________

20.  How many blacks enlist after the proclaimation?  _________________________________

21.  36:50 What is the single most famous piece of rhetoric in history? _____________________________

22.   Who did Lincoln put in charge from Chattanooga to Atlanta? ______________________________

23.   Sherman's tactics of _________________   ___________________  won out.

Return this paper to Mr. Cap for credit.