#16     The Growing Rift

Last Update: September 27, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

Over 150 years of "hands off the colonies"   So the colonies developed more American than English



1. Geography - ocean separated, self reliance,

2. land was settled by private ownership of property, gave incentive for the colonist to make it on his own,

3.  diversity of the colonists, not everyone was British  and loyal to the crown,

4. colonial governments held great power to initiate their own legislation and held the all-important

"power of the purse."

Power to decide where
your tax $ are going

B. Identify causes contributing to an unstable economy
Laissez-Faire (this French word means “let things alone”)  or "hands off"  for the first 150 yrs Britian kept their "hands off" the colonies. Process Standard 1: The student will demonstrate process skills in social studies.

mercantile theory   colonies exist for the good of the mother country

    Colonies supply England with raw materials and then provide a market for the finished products.

3. Distinguish between fact and opinion in examining documentary sources. (1) see Boston Massacre below.
The first of the coercion acts was the Proclamation Act of 1763 B. Identify causes contributing to an unstable economy
and government reluctance to interfere in the economy or laissez-faire policy
The Sugar Act of 1764 was passed by Parliament for the purpose of "defraying the expenses of defending, protecting , and securing the colonies

Other Acts:

Navigation Act , Molasses Act, Woolens Act, Hat Act, Iron Act 


Stamp Act of 1765

    Required colonists to purchase a stamp on legal documents. 

Watch Stamp Act 4 min video

Protest against the Stamp Act
The sign in the background reads:"The Folly of England and the Ruin of America"
click on boy's hand in pic
Stamp Act Congress

met in October 1765, to protest a usurpation of colonial rights.

What rights?

Watch Writ of Assistance 3.5 min video


Colonists respond to the Coercive Acts with

"no taxation without representation"

the colonists wanted a representative in Parliament.

Watch "Patriot Legislature 6min video.  Watch Patriot Legislature 6 min video


Patrick Henry,  Samuel Adams, and John Dickinson leaders of the tax protest.

    Sons of Liberty  club organized by Sam Adams in Boston



Boston Massacre

Watch America the Story of Us Boston Massacre 8min
fastforward to 18min mark. video

    Watch Boston Massacre 4 min video

Patrick Henry  :

"Give me liberty, or give me death"



Patrick Henry's speech 2 min video

Photo Credits: Proclamation map: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Map_of_territorial_growth_1775.jpg