#82    Truman and the Fair Deal 1945- 1953

Last Update: March 23, 2017

OK PASS Objectives

After WW II the U. S. entered its greatest period of affluence.
an abundant supply of money, goods, or property, wealth.
The United States emerged from WWII as the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.


Election of 1948  Truman defeated Dewey.

Fair Deal was Truman's continuation of Roosevelt's New Deal. 

What were the last 5 president's campaign slogans?



(spying on other nations and governments)
    Alger Hiss  was a Soviet spy who passed American secrets to the Communists.

Red Scare

Communist have infiltrated the state department

Joseph McCarthy was a Senator from Wisconsin
   who went on an anti -Communist "witch"  hunt.

"At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"


How did television influence the McCarthy
  His sarcastic manner and careless handling of facts did not give him a good public image.

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg  

were convicted of leaking vital atomic bomb secrets to the Russians.

Judge Kaufman said it was the greatest crime committed against the free world.    Watch Rosenbergs "The Most" HD 3 min video

Watch 60min Rosenberg Brothers today 25min video




Watch Rosenbergs 3min video: Questions: Name the British physicists that gave the Soviets atomic secrets.  Klaus Fuchs What were the Rosenbergs charged with? Giving the Russians the sketches of the inner workings of the atomic bomb After the guilty verdict why do some Americans accuse the US government of anti semitism? Rosenbergs were Jews What message was the US government sending? don't betray your country


So now the Russians have the Atomic Bomb. 
            The cold war is in full swing.

Watch Justice Black & Red Scare 3.5 min video: Questions: How did Justice Black see the constitution?  as the "holy word of the framers" What did the Smith Act make illegal? to advocate the violent overthrow of the government Why did Justice Black dissent in the Communist leaders trial? he wanted to uphold the most important 1st Amendment freedom of speech  The same thing happens after 9-11, President Bush was given liberty, via the Patriot Act, to tap phones/emails of suspected terrorists.  Nobody complained, then 5 years later after the fervor subsided Bush is accused of tampering in peoples's private lives. What about Guantamo Prison? Watch Guantanamo Detainees 2 min video




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