#68     Twenties Politicians 

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OK PASS Objectives

Republicans easily won the White House not only in 1920, but also in 1924 and 1928

Warren G. Harding  29th Pres of the U S

  Election of 1920   Harding became the Republican nominee by promising Americans a return to "Normalcy"  


Content Standard 4:

The student will describe the social; cultural; economic; and technological ideas and events in the United States in the era between the World Wars.

1. Compare and contrast cultural, economic, and social events and trends between the World Wars

President Warren Harding

Harding's Domestic Affairs

Teapot Dome Scandal


Harding's reputation did not long survive his death, as scandal after scandal came to light. After it was discovered that Secretary Fall had received several hundred thousand dollars from oilmen Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny, to whom he had leased naval oil reserves in California and at Teapot Dome, Wyo., the name TEAPOT DOME was linked with Harding's as a symbol of corruption. Fall, finally convicted of bribery, went to jail, as did others. Daugherty, dismissed by Coolidge, barely escaped their fate.

Harding's name was further blackened by a book by Nan Britton and by unfounded rumors that he had committed suicide or been murdered.

Watch Presidents Harding and Coolidge 9 min video









Who was the "Ohio Gang"?  Harding's friends that he
                                                                 appointed to political office.

  How did Harding die? stomach virus

Harding's death  came suddenly  when the President became ill and died.  Some believed he was depressed that his friends betrayed him.  Others believe he was murdered.

Why did he feel that he was betrayed by his friends?

                                                                                                                                      Watch Death of Warren Harding 4 min video:


President Calvin Coolidge

How was the Coolidge Inauguration
an anomaly

His father gave Coolidge the oath of office

What did Coolidge say about workers striking? p 472 "No right to strike against public safety by anybody anywhere anytime"

Calvin Coolidge
D. Describe rising racial tensions and labor unrest common in the era (e.g., the Tulsa Race Riot, the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan, the “Back to Africa” Movement and Marcus Garvey, the rise of industrial unions, and the labor sit-down strikes.

  "Keep Cool with Coolidge"
campaign slogan

    Election of 1924

Coolidge was the first President to campaign and use the radio extensively

  Coolidge was a typical "Yankee" one who exemplified the character of his New England ancestors, 
honesty, hard work, frugality.

President Herbert Hoover
Republican Herbert Hoover  wins the Election of 1928 over Democrat Alfred E. Smith

 Hoover's Campaign Slogan 

" a chicken in every pot,  a car in every garage."


Two key issues in the election of 1928

1.  prohibition (1919 Amendment, now people want it repealed)

Watch America the Story of Us Cities: Prohibition and Gangsters 12min video

2.  religion
    Al Smith opposed prohibition and was the first Roman Catholic to seek the Presidency

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Watch Pope Francis 3min video


Content Standard 4:

The student will describe the social; cultural; economic; and technological ideas and events in the United States in the era between the World Wars.

B. Investigate the long term effects of reform movements, such as the Women's Suffrage Movement, Temperance/
Prohibition Movements
(e.g., the 18th, 19th, and 21st Amendments to the Constitution

Growing prosperity in the Roaring 1920s.

In Hoover's inaugural address, carried by radio ,  the new President characterized America as "bright with hope."

   Then the Great Depression hit America hard!

Content Standard 4:

D. Analyze the effects of the Stock Market Crash between October 1929 and March 1933

Watch Hoover Dam 3min video:  
Assignment Essay:   Write a two page (front and back of one paper is ok) essay detailing the death of Warren Harding.  Be sure to include the ones who have motive for murder and Harding's state of depression.  Use Wikipedia as your source.  

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