United States History 
1st Quarter Exam Review Sheet

   Your  United States history 1st Quarter Exam will cover chapters 1-7 in the textbook and lessons #1-23 in your notes. 

   There will be 50 questions mostly matching and some multiple choice.  You will use your weekly Tuesday quizzes to study for the closed notes exam.   I took every other question or sometimes every 3rd or 4th question from the quizzes and put them in mostly matching or some multiple choice format.  There's one map to, the Post- French and Indian War map.

All Students will have two short (5-6 sentences) answer questions to complete from the list below.  Define each event and include the historical significance to the United States.

Short Answer Essay Questions Choose 2
1.  Spanish Armada  Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/spanisharmada.htm
2. French and Indian War Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/frenchandindianwar.html
3.  Great Awakening Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/greatawakening.html
4. No taxation w/o representation Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/thegrowingrift.html
5. George III Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/postfiwamerica.html
6. Revolutionary War in the South. Go to http://mrcapwebpage.com/VCSUSHISTORY/warinthesouth.html

Historical Significance:

1. Spanish Armada       Ever since the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, England increased in power and Spain decreased as a world power.

2. French and Indian War      France is booted out of the New World, England claims Eastern half of the New World and Canada, Parliament taxes the colonists, w/o representaton, to pay for the war.

3.  Great Awakening    Spiritual freedom led to political freedom, great unity among believers.

4. No taxation w/o representation,  American colonists would not budge on this issue and consequently revolted, successfully, from Britian because of it.

5. George III         by refusing to allow the colonists representation and calling off Parliament, George III removed his protection from the colonies and they became independent.

6. Revolutionary War in the South.    Eventually won by the Contintental Army, after the Battle of Yorktown it brought an end to the Revolutionary War, Britian agrees to a peace treaty, bringing victory to the colonials