United States Hist Quiz Ch 24 2nd 1/2         Name: ________________________________ Score:
Teacher : Mr. Cap  

1. The violence and colflicting ideologies of the era from 1963 to 1973 are encapsulated to a great extent in one year__

2. President ______________________________ bows out of the election of 1968.

3.  Vice-President Hubert H. Humphry won the ________________________________ nomination

4.  Republican candidate _______________________________________ defeated Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey

5.  Death Times Two: ___________ assassination in 1968 by James Earl ________ ended his "I have a dream"

6.  In 1968 Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Presidential candidate __________________________________   the brother of JFK

7.  Gateway Arch  in _____________________ was opened.  Basketball star only person to  score 100 pts in a game. _____

8.  Willie _____________________ arguably baseball's greatest.   world's longest single - span suspension bridge_________

9.  Science:   U.S.S. _____________________________ submarine made the first round-the-world voyage entirely undersea.

10.  American Technological Advances in the Sixties    NASA astronauts went to the moon in the _______/ _______ rockets

11.  Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, were the first to walk on the ________________________

12.  Who was the first to walk on the moon?

13.  "That's one small step for _____________, one giant leap for ______________________ "

14.  ____________________________________ Nixon coined this term as the Americans that supported him: hardworking, quiet, respectable, decent citizens AKA "____________________"

15.  After 100 years of racial segregation the Supreme Court ordered school________________ (mixing of blacks and whites)

16.  Nixon's foreign policy: _______________War still raging. Nixon visits _____________________ & opened trade doors

17.  _____________________________________ was a lessening of tensions between the two super powers.

18.  _______________________________________ agreement led to fewer nuclear weapons

19.  OPEC oil crisis  upped the price of oil so the ____________________________ pipeline was built as a result.

20.  In an effort to pursuade North Vietnamese to make peace Nixon authorized raides into Cambodia, Laos, and massive bombing of ______________________________.  This did little to end the war

21.  William Calley and the My Lai _____________________________

22. Why did Americans sympathize with Calley?

23.  What does Four dead in Ohio mean?

24. Which papers in 1971 revealed the government's blunders and deceptions in the conduct of the war.

25.  War Powers Act which forces a president to withdraw troops after 60 days if _________________________________

26.  New Age liberalism    1st "________________ Day" was celebrated. _______ amendment lowered the voting age.