United States Hist Quiz Ch 25 1st 1/2         Name: ________________________________ Score:
Teacher : Mr. Cap       The Embattled Presidency / Domestic Difficulties  

1.  Which Vice President resigned after admitting to tax evasion. ____________________

2.  Which President is pictured to the left? _____________________________________

3.  What was the Watergate Affair ? _________________________________________

4.  Why did President Nixon resign? _________________________________________

5.  Who was the Vice President, who became President? _________________________

6.  What did Gerald Ford  do for Richard Nixon?________________________________________________

7. Gerald R. Ford has served as a congressman from ___________________________________ for 25 years.

8.  How did Gerald Ford become Vice-President? _______________________________________________

9.  Ford did ______ work well with Congress, vetoed _________ bills and _______ were overruled by Congress.

10.  Which President ordered the evacuation of South Vietnam? ____________________

_____ 11. South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

_____ 12. OPEC

_____ 13. Gas lines

_____ 14. Inflation

_____ 15. Stagflation

_____ 16. money

_____ 17. trade deficit

_____ 18. women's rights

_____ 19. feminists

_____ 20. green friendly

a. these formed, as the price of gas shot up, from 35 cents a
    gallon to over a dollar.

b. high inflation and high unemployment

c. Most influential movement in the 1970s

d. Americans realized that energy sources were inexhaustible

e. Industries began to switch from highly pollutant energy to this

f. advocates of women's rights

g. in 1974 Communists quickly overtook these countries

h. importing more goods than exporting

i. "in inflation everything gets more valuable except ____ "

j. a general and progressive increase in prices

k. in 1973 they announce an oil embargo against the United States

21.  What does the acronym OPEC stand for?____________________________________________________

22. Court case where the Supreme Court struck down most state abortion laws. __________________________

23. The abortion decision legalized abortion in the U.S. signaling the era of a___________________ supreme court.

24.  Who was the The Woman who Stopped the ERA? __________________________________________

25.  Who said she didn't need sex-neutral laws? ______________________________

26.  What was the Equal Rights Amendment? ____________________________________________________

27.  Where was there a Nuclear Power Plant Disaster? __________________________________________