United States Hist Quiz Ch 26 1st 1/2         Name: ________________________________ Score:
Teacher : Mr. Cap  

1.  ________________________________________   What was Reagan's nickname because of his effective speaking ability.

2.  Reagan was the first President since Dwight Eisenhower to serve __________________full terms.

3. What was the result of serving 2 full terms?________________________________________________________________

4.  Reagan appoints ________________________ as the first ____________________________justice of the Supreme Court

5.  List 2 points of the Reagan Revolution. __________________________________________________________________

6. List 3 points of  Reaganomics.__________________________________________________________________________

7.  ___________________________________    brilliant black economist argued that careless welfare programs hurt
                                                                      ethnic minorities by destroying the family and work ethic in the inner cities.

8.  ____________________________________________________ Act  this law was designed to balance the federal budget 

9.  What is  deficit spending? _____________________________________________________________________________

10.  First woman Prime Minister of Great Britain _____________________________________________________________

11.  List 3 points of the Reagan Doctrine:

12.  What happened to the Marine barracks at the Beirut airport? ________________________________________________

13.  What was the Achille Lauro?__________________ What happened?__________________________________________

14.  Who tried to assassinate Reagan in 1981?_______________________________________________

15.  Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro were the ___________________________________ candidates.

16.  What was the margin of victory for Reagan in the election of 1984? __________________________________________

17.  Define Reagan's Star Wars  (SDI). _____________________________________________________________________

_____ 18. Perestroika

_____ 19. Glasnost

_____ 20. Mikhail Gorbachev

_____ 22. Boris Yeltsin

_____ 23. Challenger

_____ 24. Christa McAuliffe

_____ 25. Stinger

a. he declared the 15 Soviet Bloc countries free.

b. space shuttle that exploded shortly after launching in 1986

c. "openness"

d. he joined the band "The Beatles" in 1984

e. leader in 1985, he tries to save the Soviet Union

f. missiles which wiped out the Soviet helicopter fleet.

g. "restructuring"

h. First teacher astronaut died in this tragedy

26.  Which airliner apparently strayed into Soviet Airspace, was shot down by the Communists.  269 people were killed? ___

27.  Soviets invaded ______________ and the U.S. supplied the Afgans.

28.  What was the INF Treaty? ___________________________________________________________________________

29.  Election of 1988  George H.W. Bush (Reagan's _____________ for 8 years) and Dan Quayle won over Michael Dukakis.