United States Hist Quiz Ch 26 2nd 1/2         Name: ________________________________ Score:
Teacher : Mr. Cap   Bush Administration and Election of 1992

1. In the late 70s where did the cold war focus its attention? ____________________________________

2. Bush was successful in standing up to __________________________________ and world oppression.

3.  Which law prohibited job discrimination based upon disabilities and required businesses to have special parking

     places and wheel chair ramps? _________________________________________________________________

4.  dominoes are falling: in a reversal of the domino theory it was the ___________________ states that fell like "dominoes"

5.  ."__________________________________________________________ "  President Bush's word on raising taxes

6.  Where did students in Communist China demonstrated for freedom? _________________________________________

7.  Manuel Noriega  terrorized the people of _______________________________________, Bush sent the troops.

8. Define apartheid: ___________________________________________________________________________________

9. What years did we see a collapse of the Soviet Union? _____________________________________________________

10.  Operation Desert Storm AKA ___________________________________________________ Year? _______________

11. Saddam Hussein dictator of ________________________________ invaded tiny oil rich country of ________________

12. General Norman _________________________________   he led the U.S. troops in a 100 hour war!!

13.  List two Aftermaths of  the war:______________________________________________________________________

14. What does the 27th Amendment attempt to do? ___________________________________________________________

15.  Who was Bush's embattled Supreme Court nominee? ______________________________________________________

16.  In the election of 1992 who looked unbeatable? __________________________________________

17.  Who campaigned on an media-led imaginary economic crisis? ______________________________________________

18.  With the ____________________________ Party split between Bush and Perot, __________________ won the election.

19.  How did  Clinton represent the children of the 1960s? _____________________________________________________