United States Hist Quiz Ch 27         Name: ________________________________ Score:
Teacher : Mr. Cap                        Early Stumbles; Clinton Administration

1. President Clinton ranked last in ________________, but ranked near the top in _____________ management.

2.  What is the policy of "don't ask don't tell" ? ___________________________________________________

3. _______________________________ Act required businesses to give employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid
                                                                    leave to care for newborns, or sick family members.

4. _______________________________ Which law required a background
                             check and a 5 day waiting period before you can buy a gun.

5. Define NAFTA. ___________________________________________

6. Describe the Health Care Fiasco______________________________

7.  Name a famous Conservative "talk radio" host. ___________________

8.  Christian Coalition organized by_____________________registered people to vote and spread the
                                                                                                                Conservative Christian movement.

9.  What was the "Contract with America"? ________________________________________________

10.  Election of 1994: __________________________ captured full control of the House and Senate in Congress.

11.  "The Comeback Kid" was demonstrated by Bill Clinton's move to the __________________

12. He presented him self as the "______ ___________ " tough on crime, family values, and ready to reform welfare.

13. _________________________________ Act gave federal benefits to the marriage of a husband and wife.

14.  _______________________________ Act of 1996: required recipients to go back to work within two years.

15.  Who were the candidates in the Election of 1996? ______________________________________________

16. Why was there Ethnic fighting in the Balkans? ______________________________________________

17. How did the Dayton Accords help solve the issues? _____________________________________________

18.  The invention of the microchip helped fuel the _____________________________ Revolution.

19.  List seven items that you use on a weekly basis that have a microchip in it._____________________________

20. What is the Information Age  ___________________________________________________________

21.  What was the Lewinsky Scandal ? _________________________________________________________

22. What did Clinton say when the story broke?________________________________________________

23.  Democrats and Republicans fought bitterly.  The House eventually____________________________ Clinton.

24. _____________________ and sexual ________________________ took center stage in the late 1990s.

25. In the election of 2000 George W. Bush ran on a theme of "___________________________________"

26.  The election of 2000 was the most bizarre election since _______________________________ won in 1876.

27.  State of________________________(25 electoral votes) was too close to call.

28.  Finally on December 12, 5 weeks after the election, the________________________________ ruled to stop
           the re-count and Bush became president.


Updated: April 9, 2010