United States History    Quiz       Lessons # 2-5                             Name: _____________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap     

Lesson #2   1.  Christopher Columbus sailed to America in what year?  __________________

2. _________ Which of these is not a mistake of Columbus: a. Columbus underestimated the distance
            westward from Europe to Asia, b. He did not know there were continents between Europe and Asia, c. He never fully realized he had not sailed to Asia, d. He sailed for China.

3.  Columbus persuaded the Spanish king and queen, ____________________________ to sponsor the voyage.

4.  __________  Amerigo Vespucci historically credited for naming : a. Africa, b. China, c. America, d. Europe.

Lesson #3 5.  Off to the right:  Draw the social class triangle of feudalism.

6.  What name is given to the "rebirth of learning" during the European Middle Ages?  _____________

Lesson #4  7 Define Spanish Conquistadors. ___________________________________

8.  List (2) accomplishments of Ponce de Leon  by 1513  _________________________________________

9.  What did Europeans realized after Balboa discovered the Pacific ocean? _____________________________

10. Who began a three year voyage around the world.  ______    11.  He was killed in the______. 

 12. ___________   Only one ship and  men made it home, proving    13__________________________

14.  _____________ Who conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico who were  led by chieftain _________

15.  ________________________ Who conquered the Inca Indians in Peru.

16.      Francisco Coronado  in 1540  searched for the ____________________________.

17.  Juan Cabrillo  in 1542 discovered _____________________________________.

18.  _________________________________ became the first permanent Spanish settlement in the New World

Lesson #5  19.  Define the Spanish Armada.  _____________________________________

20. Ever since the defeat of the Spanish  Armada ______________ increased and ______ decreased as a world power.