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Teacher: Mr. Cap     Lessons 11-13      Religion in the American Colonies

Lesson #11

Three church groups came out of the Elizabethan Era that had great affect on the English colonies

1. ____________________________  Pilgrims / Mayflower / Massachusetts

2. ___________________________ Settled Massachusetts in large numbers

3. ____________________________________________ Settled in middle colonies

4.  What was the Puritan idea of the covenant ? ________________________________________________


5.  Puritans believed that good works was a natural result of salvation.  Is this what we believe today? _______

6.  Where do we find good works / salvation in the Bible? ___________________________
7.  Eventually desendents of the Puritans lost sight of the covenant and became____________  ____________

8.  There was no separation of church and state.  In order to be a _____________, buy property, obtain a license

you had to be a  9.  _______________________________________ member.

10.  What law allowed  descendants of church members could be on the church rolls with out being saved?


11. In the video "The Truth About the Salem Witch Trials"  What did the young girls claim?_______________

12.  What is the far reaching effect of the Salem Witch Trials? ____________________________________

Lesson #12

13.  Define The Great Awakening. ____________________________________________________________

14Why was there Great need for revival?  _____________________________________________________

15List four results of the Great Awakening ____________________________________________________


16.  Who was the  First black women poet in America? ____________________________________________

Lesson #13

  What did each of these individuals do in / for America?

17.  Jacpues Cartier ___________________________Samuel de Champlain ___________________________

18.  Robert Cavalier de la Salle ______________________________________________________________







19.  Why was New France never heavily populated? 1.____________________________________________

2. __________________________________________3. ________________________________________

20.  Which is the best known city of French heritage in America? ______________________________________