United States History Quiz Lessons 17-20                            Name: _________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap  Revolutionary War

Lesson #17:

1.  What was the protest against the tax on tea called? __________________________________________

2.  What series of laws against the colonies in  response to the Boston Tea Party?  ___________________

______3. Boston Port Bill

a. allowed British troops to be housed in public buildings and even homes.
______4. Quartering Act

b. British law that declared the "Boston Cap's" to be outlaws to the crown
______5. Quebec Act

c. Here once the embattled farmers stood;
     And fired the shot heard round the world.
______6. Cap Act d. closed the port of Boston
  e. canceled the American western land claims

7.  What name was given to the shot of freedom for other countries to try to obtain their freedom. 

      Heard at  the Battle of Lexington? ___________________________________

Lesson #18:

8.  What was the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? ___________________________

9.  How were Americans divided during the war? _______________________________________________

10.  Who's Green Mountain Boys captured Ft. Ticonderoga? _____________________________________

11.  Who did the Second Continental Congress appoint as commander in chief ? ______________________

12.  What was the 1st major battle of Revolution?  ______________________________________________

13.  What was the name of the patriotic pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that united colonists _________

14.  What was the One final effort @ peace with King George III? _________________________________

Lesson # 19:

15.  Who saved the continental army and earned the nickname "old fox"? __________________________

16.  Where did the Continental Army win a big morale boost, many rejoined the army? ________________

17.  What was the main British strategy during the Revolutionary War? ____________________________

18.  What was the significance of the Battle of Saratoga? ________________________________________

19.  What was the quote about Valley Forge? __________________________________________________

20.  Name two European friends that helped train troops. ________________________________________

Lesson # 20:

21.  What were the nicknames for Marion ____________, Sumter ____________, Green____________




22.   What was John Paul Jones' famous quote? _______________________________________________

23.  Define privateers. ____________________________________________________________________

24.  Describe the how Benedict Arnold  became a traitor. ________________________________________

25.  What battle ended the Revolutionary War? ________________  Who surrendered? _______________

26.  List three points of the Treaty of Paris. ___________________________________________________

27.  Why was the United States the real winner? _______________________________________________