United States History Quiz                                                        Name: __________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap   Lessons 21-23           A New Charter

Lesson #21:

1.  What do these years represent?  1783______________________________ 1791____________________

2.  Why were those years known as the "Critical Period"? __________________________________________

3.  The Articles of Confederation established a __________________________________

4.  Which branch of government did the Articles provide? _________________________________________


Lesson #22:

5.  What year did the Constitutional Convention begin? _____________Where did they meet? _______________

6Who was the President of the Convention? ___________________ Oldest? __________________________

7.  Who is known as the "Father of the Constitution"?_________________________________

8.  Define bicameral._________________________________________________________

9.  What was the 3/5's compromise? _____________________________________________


Lesson 23:

10.  What name was given to  those who wanted a strong central government?_________________________

11.   What name was given to  those who wanted astrong state gov? _______________________________

12.  Name three who wrote The Federalists papers. ______________________________________________

13.  Which state was the first to ratify? _____________________________________________

14.  What name was givent to the first 10 amdnements to the constitution? _______________________________











You can't use any notes for the map section.