United States History  Quiz Lessons 31-33                    Name: ___________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap    Cross Currents / The Jackson Years / Party Politics

Lesson #31: Cross Currents

What does this mean? "Just think, Mama!  This sofa is a millionth part mine." ___________________________

1.  American System: Proposed by Henry __________________________:  

_____ 2.  Which of these is not part of the American System? a.  Protective Tariff, b. speculation,
                                                             c. internal improvements, d.  renewal of the National Bank
_____ 3.  What term is the dividing of the country because of differing issues?  a.  speculation, b. tariff,
                    c. sectionalism, d. none of these.

_____ 4.  Which of these was not an issue during the election of 1824?  a. Slavery, b. Favorite son politics,
                  c.  Banking, d. suffrage, e. States rights.

Why was the election of 1824 decided by the House of Representatives? ______________________________

5.  The first National Road stretched from _________________ Maryland to __________________ Virginia.

6.  Why was it important to maintain a Northern and Southern balance of power in the Senate


7.  What was the significance of this latitude line; 36~30` ? __________________________________________

8.  How does a Tariff hurt southern farmers? ______________________________________________________

9What is a "Favorite Son" candidate? __________________________________________________________

  Lessons #32 The Jackson Years

10.  During President Jackson's Inauguration how did they get the crowd outside? _________________________

_____11. Which of these was not a factor that led to the Panic of 1819?   a. Speculation, b. Wildcat banks,
                c.  speculators and banks could not meet financial obligations, d. Price of goods rose sharply.

_____ 12.  Which of these was not a Jackson highlight?  a. supports the exploration of the Louisiana,
                    b. supports Nationalism, c. supports the Union, d. supports Indian Removal

13.  Why was there a need for Indian removal? ___________________________________________________

14.  What was Oklahoma known as in the 1830's ? _________________________________________________

15.  Where did the federal gov move the Indians that white settlers would not later desire those lands? _________

16.  What did the Cherokee called their removal? __________________________________________________

17.  What does nullification mean?_______________________________________________________________

Lesson #33 Party Politics

18.  What nickname was given by the friends of Jackson? ________________________  Whigs? ____________

19.  Where did the Whigs get their party name? ___________________________________________________



20.  Who won the election of 1836? ___________________________________________________________

21.  In the New Age in American Politics, western states gave every man the ____________________________.

_____ 22 .  Which of these was not a New Political Tactics?   a.  spoils system,  b.  machines,  
                      c.  nominating convention, d. electoral college.

23.  In the Election of 1840 the Whigs nominate William Henry Harrison  AKA "_________________________"



Fill in the map answers below: