United States History  Quiz Lessons #34-36                                          Name: ____________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap        American Technology, Culture, and Religion

  Lesson # 34?

1. Which of these did Private ownership of land not give pioneers. a. a sense of healthy pride, b. desire to make
    a well-earned profit, c. assured the discipline and responsibility of every family member, d. get rich quick schemes.

2.  Which tool kept its cutting edge as it rolled over the topsoil?__________________________________

3.  Who invented the cotton gin? _______________________  Sewing machine? _________________

4.  The  Erie Canal linked the ________________________ River with Lake ____________________

5.  Who developed the first successful steamboat called the "Clairmont"? _________________________

6.  The Clairmont traveled from New York City up the Hudson River to the city of Albany.  This journey of

__________ miles in took ______ hours normally  took _____________ weeks by horse wagon

8.   The  Steam locomotive was also known as the ________________________.

10.  What is the picture to the left called? _________________

11.  Who invented it? ___________________

12.  What was the code used to communicate? ________________

13.  What was the name of the tool pictured left?  _______________

 14.  Who invented it? ___________________________


15.  What type of ship is pictured to the left?  ______________

16.  A job add "Wanted - Young, Skinny, Wiry Fellows not over 18.  Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily."  Orphans prefered"  was a job advertisement for what company?


16.  What does this code spell?     ... / --- / ... ______________________________________________

17.  What term means the application of science to industry? _______________________________________

  Lesson #35:

18.  What name was given to People who wanted to abolish slavery? ____________________________



_____ 19.  William Lloyd Garrison

_____ 20.  Frederick Douglass

_____ 21  Nat Turner

_____ 22.  Harriet Tubman

a.  leader of the underground railroad

b. The Liberator

c. stirred up a slave rebellion in Virginia

d.  published The North Star

23.  List two people who worked in the Christian Compassion movement. ______________________________

24.  Revivals swept the United States during the 1st 1/2 of the 19th century known as ______________________

  Lesson #36:

25.  Why was there a spiritual decline during the 1800's? ___________________________________________

26.  Who were circuit riders? ________________________________________________________________

27.  Who is perhaps the best known of  the Second Great Awakening evangelists? _________________________

28.  Define  The spiritual. ____________________________________________________________________

29. Adoniram Judson   missionary to _______________  , became known as the "_______________________".

Fill in the answers to the map below: