United States History  Quiz  Lesson # 44-47             Name: _____________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap  War in the East, West / On the Home Front / Road to Appomattox.


Lesson # 44: 

1.  Most people believed a quick, decisive duel held somewhere between Washington, D.C., and
          _______________________________________, would end the war.

2.  South: Gen ____________________________ Jackson, Christian General won @ Bull Run.

  ______ 3. Which of these is not a Northern strategy?  a.  Capture Richmond,Virginia. 
                      b.  Control Washington D.C. c.  March through Georgia d.  Blockade the South

4.  Lincoln puts Gen McClellan in command (good ______________________ but bad military tactician)

5.  Lee then defeats General Pope (North) in the Second Battle of Manassas and clears

          ____________________of federal troops.

6.  Which Battle was the bloodiest single day of the Civil War 24,000 causalities? ________________

 ______ 7.  Which of these was not a direct consequence of Lee's victories in the East:
                      a. kept Richmond from being captured, b. morale boost to the South, c. stopped the war.  

8.   Which battle became the the turning point of the War ?   ________________________________

9.  Monitor (North) & Merrimac (South)were two of the first _______________ that battled to a draw.


Lesson # 45:

10.  " Unconditional Surrender" General ______________________ takes control of Mississippi.

11.  David G Farragut led his Union fleet up the Mississippi River and captured ____________________________.

12.  A.E. Burnside replaced McClellan was more famous for his _______________________.


Lesson # 46: 

13.  Blockade _____________________ were Confederate ships that brought supplies into Southern ports.

14.  In the ______________  _____________City Draft Riots new immigrants didn't understand the war nor fight in it.

15.  _____________________ : Southern sympathizers in the North

16.  Which presidential order freed all slaves living in the south? __________________________________






Lesson # 47:

17.  March to the Sea  led by William T. Sherman  instituted a "scorched ________________________ policy"

18.  Sherman wanted to show Southerners that resistance was _____________________________

19.   Nearly ___________________________ soldiers died during the Civil War, but bullets and

         cannon balls weren't the biggest killers. "For every one killed in battle almost _____ died of disease," 
                                            said Bill Hinks of Denver, Pa.

20.  Lincoln Assassinated by John Wilkes _____________     @ _____________Theatre

         watching   " ____________  ___________________________  _____________________ "