United States History Quiz Lesson 51-53                                  Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap           

Lesson # 51: Industry and Invention

1. Define Capitalism. ______________________________________________________________________

2.  Define Gross National Product. __________________________________________________________

3.  Define entrepreneur. ____________________________________________________________________

4.  What is Andrew Carnegie best known for? ___________________________________________________

5.  What name was given to19th century businessmen and bankers who dominated their respective industries and
     amassed huge personal fortunes. _______________________________________

6.  RR tycoon in New York and Pennsylvania ________________ RR tycoon in southwest____________

7.  developed Standard Oil Co. ________________________ Finance and banking __________________

8.  List three Civil War inventions. ________________________________________________________

9.  In 1876  who patented the telephone? ________________________________

10.  Thomas Edison  AKA the greatest inventor  in history and the "Wizard of __________ __________ "

 11.  He said  " genius is __________% inspiration and __________________ % perspiration".

 12.  Who invented the light bulb and hundreds of ways  to use electricity? ________________________

 13.  4-H Clubs young farmers group, what does the 4-h stand for ________________________________

Lesson # 52 Reform and Reaction:

_______14. Chester A. Arthur
_______15. Alexander G. Bell   
_______16. Charles J. Guiteau 
_______17. Charles Schurz,
_______18. Mugwamps
a.  constructed a crude metal detector to find a bullet
b.  Garfield's VP who became President
c. disgruntled office seeker assassinated Garfield         
d. aggressive House leader
e.  independent minded Republicans who didn't vote for Blaine
f.  cabinet member who encouraged civil service reform

19.  Who were the Stalwarts and Half-Breeds? ___________________________________________________


20.  What was the Pendleton Act?  ____________________________________________________________

21.  List three firsts by Grover Cleveland ________________________________________________________


22.  What was the main consequence to a high protective tariff?_______________________________________


_____ 23.  The Grange  

_____ 24.  co-ops  

_____ 25.  Free Silver Movement 

_____ 26. William Jennings Bryan 

_____ 27.  urban

a. these people wanted the government to use silver in coins
                            so the price of silver goes up

b. famous for his Cross of Gold speech

c. a business operated for the benefit of its members

d.  Grover Cleveland's VP

e. farmers movement

f. this is the type of society created by the Age of Industry

Lesson # 53 Change and Challenge:

28.  Who said the prosperity of the era covered up a great deal of corruption in politics and society? ____________

29.  "What is the chief end of man?--to get rich. In what way?--dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must."  Why is

this statement wrong? _______________________________________________________________________

30.  What does Gilded mean? __________________________________________________________________

31.  All immigrants would combine to make the "________________________" in which diverse racial and ethnic
       cultures would blend to form a new and unified nation.

_____ 32.  Naturalism

_____ 33.  Charles Darwin

_____ 34.  Realism

a. drew a picture of  "real" life  Mark Twain,

b. he wrote a book about Creationism

c. Stephen Crane, Jack London

d. book Origin of Species found a new audience in industrial America.