United States History Quiz Lesson # 54-57               Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap          

Lesson  # 54 Western Expansion:

1. "I see continual trains of cars winding along the Platte" What is the Platte? ___________________

2. ______ railroad was the first to link the Atlantic and Pacific coast.3. Describe how the land grants worked.

4. Name the place in Utah where the two railroad lines met.5. Miners find gold and silver in Colorado. 59ers motto was ______  
6. Name the famous silver mine that yielded 300 mil in silver in first
    20 yrs. in Virginia City, Nevada.

7. Define vigilantes.

8. What breed of cow was "lean, hardy, fleet of foot, and ill-tempered"?

9. What law became the most important factor to stimulate
    Western settlement

_____ 10.  Deere

_____ 11.  Glidden

_____ 12  Pecos Cap

_____ 13.  Pillsbury

a. built the largest flour mill in the world

b. steel plow

c. this famous and some say handsome cowboy bravely fought a tornado and saved a town from destruction, his ancestors became great teachers among the people

d. invented Barbed Wire

14. By 1899 name 5 new states that were added to the Union.

15.  Indian trader ____________________________ first marked this famous cattle trail for his wagons.

16.  What three things did homesteaders need to do to obtain 160 acres of land?

Lesson # 55 Indian Affairs:

17.  White settlers and Indians clashed for___________________rights. 

18.  What was the most famous battle of the Sioux War?_________________________________________________

19.  Describe the tragic ending to the Battle of Wounded Knee. _____________________________________________

20.  This law broke up the tribal bands and assigned each Indian 160 acres.__________________________________

Lesson # 56 International Expansion:

21.  What was the "White Man's Burden"? _____________________________________________________________

22.  In the 1860s Emperor Napoleon III sent Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mexico to establish a French empire in Mexico.

23.  Commodore__________  ___________   sailed a fleet of warships to Japan to seek a trade agreement.

24.  Jonathan ________   :  returned to Japan as a missionary, invented rickshaw.

25.  Define Imperialism. ______________________________________________________________________________

26.  Secretary of State William Seward wanted to buy _______________from Russia for $7.5 mil


Lesson # 57 Spanish American War:

27.  What was the printing of sensational and sometimes unfounded stories to arouse sentiment? _____________________

28.  What were the Causes of the Spanish American War? _____________________________________________________

29.  What name was given to the collection of cowboys, Indians, college students, and buffalo soldiers? ________________

30 .  What were four results of the Treaty of Paris 1899?