United States History               Quiz Lesson 64-66         Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson #64 Idealism

1. Wilson brought a strong belief in God's sovereign direction in the universe and ________________to his presidency.

2.  Define Idealism: _______________________________________________________________________________

3.  Pancho ____________________________ attacked American citizens in northern Mexico.

4.  President Wilson sent General ______________________________ into Mexico to capture the bandit.

5.  What was the Mexican regime of  Victoriano Huerta like? _________________________________________

6.  What is Wilson's policy of "watchful waiting"? __________________________________________________

7.  By the 1900's Europe 1.  Nations of Europe desired to break loose from their established governments (old monarchies) and rule themselves based on what they saw as "___________________" boundaries of national origin.
8 .  Liberal philosophies were stirring up the desire for popular (____________________________________) rule.
9 .  New religious thinking of "______________" criticism, and dialectic thinking opened the door for all kinds of evils.

10.  Triple Alliance = _______________________Powers,      Triple Entente =  __________________________ Powers

11. Who is being assassinated in the pic to the left?____________________________________

Lesson # 65 Intervention:

12.  German submarines were known as ________________________________

13.  What was contraband of war? ________________________________________

14.  What was the British luxury liner sunk by a German sub.______________________

15.  Selective Service Act required all men from age 21 to ______________________________

16.  American Expeditionary Force soldiers called "___________________________" Led by General __________________

17.  Name 3 new weapons during WW I.__________________________________________________________________

18. "Aces" were flyboys that engaged in one-on-one aerial _________________/ Red ____________________ German ace

Lesson # 66 Isolation:
 "Big Four" leaders after WW I 

_____ 19.President Wilson

_____ 20. Prime Minister David Lloyd George  

_____ 21. Premier Georges Clemenceau  

_____ 22. Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando

a. Italy

b. Russia

c. England

d. France

e. United States

23.  What name was given to the Peace treaty that followed WWI? _____________________________________________

24.  When was the Armistice signed?    hour? _________ month?_____________ day?______________ year?

25.  Treaty =  Germany lost overseas ________________ Germany was ____________ Germany must ________

26.  Germany protested the Treaty, but had  little choice in signing.  Especially humiliated at having to accept
        total _________________________________ for the war.

27.  Results of WWI

_______________mil were mobilized (wore a uniform)

_______________ mil solidier died

_______________ mil were wounded

_______________ mil were missing or unaccounted for.

_______________ mil Civilian deaths equalled the deaths on the battlefield (16 mil)

_______________ mil total that died from the war

Average loss of life each day was _________________

Cost of the war $ over ______________________ bil dollars or_________________ mil $ per hour.

28.  League of Nations  this was Wilson's   __________________________ point calling for a world "League of nations" to maintain peace.  

29.  U. S. Senate did not even _______________________________, and the U. S. never joined the League of Nations.