United States History                Quiz Lesson 67-69                    Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap  

Lesson # 67 Normalcy and Naivete:

1.  What was the campaign slogan of Warren Harding?__________________________________________

2.  What is isolationism? ____________________________________________________________________

3.  Which agreement outlawed war, noble idea, no way to enforce the pact unless you go to war? _______

4.  Economic Entrapment WWI debts-reparations problem look at map on page 471, draw the map on the back.

5.  World leaders sought peace through disarmament and the Limitation of Arms at _______  _______Conference)

6.  Name a treaty that limited the tonnage, arms and standing army a country could have

7.  The World Court meets @ ______    _________________   and settled disputes between member nations.

8.  In spite of her postwar problems, the nation was bright with hope for the __________________________. 

9.  Russian Revolution started by Vladimir____________________________ 1917.

10.  In 1917 Lenin and his Communist forces took control of Russia and formed the __________  _________ an
       organization dedicated to world wide Communist revolution.

11.  Fear of a Communist Revolution gripped many Americans  AKA _____________  _________________.

12.  _________________  _________ Rebellion in Oklahoma where socialist tried to overthrow the government

13.  Name the two Italians convicted of Murder.  ____________  _____________________Liberal and
       radicals claimed they were martyrs and died because of their political beliefs.

Lesson # 68 Twenties Politicians:

14.  Republicans easily won the White House not only in 1920, but also in ________ and __________

15.  Harding became the Republican nominee by promising Americans a return to "________________________".

16.  Harding's name was further blackened by a book by ________ ______________and by unfounded rumors
        that he had committed suicide or been murdered.

17.  Who was the "Ohio Gang"? ________________________ How did Harding die? ____________________

18.  How was the Coolidge Inauguration an anomaly? _____________________________________

19.  What did Coolidge say about workers striking? ___________________________________________

20.  Republican Herbert Hoover  wins the Election of 1928 over Democrat ________________________

21.  Hoover's Campaign Slogan " a __________________ in every pot,  a _________ in every garage."

22.  Two key issues in the election of 1928.  ______________________________________________________






Lesson # 69 New Ideas:

23.  Fascism, Nazism, and Communism are  all forms of __________________ or totalitarian dictatorships.

24. What theory states that space, time, and matter are not absolute dimensions but are relative to the location
        and motion of the observer? ____________________________________

25.  Sigmum Freud:  formulated psychoanalysis  He said the Sex_____ drive explains a person's actions.