United States History                  Quiz Lesson # 72-74                 Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 72:   

1.   Americans gave their support to President Hoover in the election of 19_____, when the 19______s were roaring.

2.  Some men would leave their family responsibilities and become __________ and live in ______________

3.  During the Depression over 13 million workers or _________ % of the nation's workforce was out of work.

4.  She was a famous photographer that took depression photos__________________________________

5. What did the Bonus Army want? ______________________________ 

6.  Who did Hoover send to move them out of the city? ______________________________

7.  What happened?_______________________________________________________________________

8.  Election of 1932  FDRoosevelt won over Hoover, by insisting that it was time for a "____ _____ ". 

9.  The issue of government ___________________________ programs played a major role in the election.

10.  How did the stock market crash cause Bank failures in the United States? ___________________________

Lesson # 73:

11.  What is a "lame duck" session?  ______________________________________________________

12.  Why is a long lame duck period difficult for newly elected officials?____________________________________

13.  How did the 20th Amendment help the problem? _________________________________________

14.  FDR had the support of Congress the first ___________________________Roosevelt presented Congress  with a
       mass of l
egislation aimed at social reform  and economic recovery

15.  ___________________________________ was FDR's group of close advisers they advised the
                                                                              unproven economic theories of John Maynard Keynes.

16.   Who advocated central planning and massive economic and social intervention  on the part of the government.
          (Social Welfare)? _________________________________

17.  What is "priming the pump"? ____________________________________________________________

18.  _______________________________________ (former governor of Louisiana) called for heavy estate taxes that
                                                                             would redistribute wealth to the masses (socialism)

19.  How did FDR reinterpret the Constitution? ___________________________________________________________

20.  Who was the first President to be elected to a third and forth term? _______________________________________

21.   ________________________________Act established a government fund for unemployment and old- age insurance.

22.  Why didn't Congress approve Roosevelt's plan to pack the court? _____________________________________

23.  List 3 ways the New Deal was a failure. _____________________________________________________________

24. After Roosevelt's death, Republicans pass the _______________________ Amendment.

25.  What did the Amendment limit? ________________________________________________________

26,.  Who said " ... the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." ? ________________________________________

Lesson # 74:

_____ 27.  Eleanor Roosevelt

_____ 28.  Dust Bowl

_____ 29.  hobos

_____ 30.  Walt Disney

_____ 31.  Hindenburg

_____ 32.  Lindbergh Law

_____ 33.  Golden Gate

a. traveled from town to town in search of a better life

b. largest suspension bridge in America

c. he created featured films of fantasy and drama

d. death penalty for interstate kidnapping

e. She promoted welfare programs and  a world organization to replace the failed
    League  of Nations.

f. zepplin  (airships)  exploded as it docked killing 36 of 97 passengers.

g. Black Blizzard

f. he rescued the fair maiden from the clutches of the evil Capone in this movie