United States History            Quiz Lessons # 77-79             Name: _____________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 77 Fight For Fortress Europe:

1.  What was the basic strategy in the Allied Fight for Fortress Europe? __________________________________

2. The Desert War in North Africa was known as "Operation _____________________".

3.  850 ships landed on the west coast of Africa.  Who was the British Commander? _______________________

4. Who was the American General that helped defeat Rommel in North Africa? ___________________________

5.  "Operation Husky" 3,000 ships landed on Sicily and Italy in an effort to _____________________________

6.   General Eisenhower (Ike) ordered "Operation _____________________________ "  

7.  D-Day  June 6th 1944 The beginning of the end for _______________.

8.  Battle of the__________________  Germany's last ditch offensive in the European Theater

9.  Hitler cowardly commits _______________ on April 30,1945,  Germany surrenders AKA ____-____ Day

Lesson #78 War in the Pacific:

______ 10.  Which of these is not a World War II song? a. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone 
                     Else but Me,   
b. Goober Peas, c. God Bless America, d. White Christmas

11. Name the strategy used by the U.S. to capture an island then use it as a base assault on the next island moving steadily toward Japan. __________________________

12.  General MacArthur escapes the Philippines but promises "___________________________________"

13.  Colonel Jimmy Doolittle led a group of B-25 bombers to attack and bomb _______________________

14.  ________________________   first naval battle in which the enemy ships never saw each other.  Radar

15. ________________________  the turning point in the battle to control the Pacific

16. ________________________ first real engagement of fighting soldiers heavy losses on both sides   

17.  _______________________ Japan lost almost all of its remaining ships and planes

18. ________________________Desperate Japanese use suicide "bonzi" tactics to defend the island.

19.  _______________________ Last major battle in the Pacific Theater.

20.  Famous photo from the Pulitzer prize-winning photo by news photographer Joe ________________________.

_____ 21. Kamikazes

_____ 22. Manhattan Project

_____ 23. Hiroshima

_____ 24. Emperor Hirohito 

_____ 25. Holocaust

a. building the atomic bomb

b. he surrenders September 2 1945

c. this was Hitler's inhumanity to man 

d. suicide planes loaded with explosives

e. he brought D-Day to the Pacific

f. Aug 6th 1945


Lesson # 79 Aftermath of War:

26.   After WWII the aftermath includes __________ million people died including  over ____________ Americans.

27.    According to Hitler, what was the Jew's worst crime? ___________________________________________

28.   Name three of the largest concentration camps. ________________________________________________

29.  What is tacit approval? ___________________________________________________________________

30.  What does the acronym NATO stand for? _____________________________________________________