United States Hist                          Quiz Lesson # 80-82            Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 80 Cold War:

1.  What is a "Cold War"?__________________________________________________________________   

2.  List attributes of the East and the West following WWII. 

1.                                        2. 1.                                        2.
3.                                        4. 3.                                        4.
5.                                        6. 5.                                        6.

3.  Sometimes these conflicting ideologies would flare into ____________________ " fighting/ guns/ bombs.

4.  List 4 places the  Cold War would flare up?____________________________________________________

5.  A curtain of Communist slavery had descended on the peoples of Eastern Europe was known as? ___________

6. Truman's foreign policy:   pledged American help for any free nation  threatened by ________________takeover.

7.   ______________________________ Plan: money and supplies to rebuild free Europe.

8.  _______________________________  Communists would not let supplies into Free Berlin, so Americans airlifted
                                                              in supplies until the route was reopened.

Lesson # 81 Korean War:

9.   At the end of WW II  Korea was divided along the ________________th parallel line. 

10.  North Korea was __________________________ and South Korea was ________________________.

11.  In 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea the_________________ sent troops  to defend South Korea.

12.  North Koreans pushed south as far as _____________________ Gen. MacArthur made a surprise landing at _______

13.  Mac Arthur wanted to invade _____________________and end communism once and for all in that part of the world.

14. Truman said no and _________________ MacArthur

15.    _______________________ Doctrine  a policy of containment,  to keep Communism from spreading and contained.

16.   Korean War lasted __________ years .  A truce  (agreement) was signed.

17.  The United States emerged from WWII as the most______________________and ____________ country in the world.

Lesson # 82: Truman and the Fair Deal:

18.  Election of 1948  Truman defeated ________________________.

19.  ____________________________________  was a Soviet spy who passed American secrets to the Communists.

20.  ______________________________ was a Senator from Wisconsin who went on an anti -Communist "witch"  hunt.

21.  How did television influence the McCarthy hearings? _____________________________________________________

22. Which couple were convicted of leaking vital atomic bomb secrets to the Russians?

23.  Judge Kaufman said it was the greatest crime committed against the ________________________world.

  What was President Obama's campaign slogans? _________________________________________________________

Campaign Candidate Slogan
_____ 19. William McKinley a. Keep cool with Coolidge
_____ 20. Woodrow Wilson b. A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage
_____ 21. Warren G. Harding c. Return to normalcy
_____ 22. Calvin Coolidge d. A Full Dinner Pail
_____ 23. Herbert Hoover e. He kept us out of war
_____ 24. F D Roosevelt f. Fair Deal / Pour it on 'em, Harry!
_____ 25. Harry Truman g. Remember Hoover! /  New Deal

U2 Spy Plane video Questions: What did pilots call the U2? __________________________

What was the cruising altitude of the U2? __________________________

Who was the pilot of the U2 that was shot down?__________________________

After his conviction how many years did Powers spend in jail? __________________________

Why was he fired from Lockheed? __________________________

Explorer I video Questions:  What does JPL stand for? __________________________

What did the scientist want to call the satellite?__________________________

How did Explorer give the US parity with the Soviets? __________________________

Vanguard Satellite video Questions: What happens to the first and second Vanguard satellites? _______

What major inovations did the Vanguard satellite have? _________________________

Segregation's Struggle video questions:

1.   Segregation loosely defined as a symptom of a greater evil in society ... white _____________

2.   Justice Black said the end of segregation was wonderful but some _______________________

3.   Justice Frankfurter said desegregation must proceed with all deliberate ___________________

4.  Plessey didn't end segregation, but gave rise to youthful activists, sit in ____________________

5.   Television helped show America how racists the South and Bull ___________ really were.

6.   Justice Black is mad that the South hasn't move with all due ____________________

7.   President Johnson  in 1964 with enthusiasm backed _____________ ____________________