United States Hist                    Quiz Lesson 83-85                         Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 83: Eisenhower Years 1953-1961  

1.  Who won the Presidential Election of 1952? ____________________  VP?__________________

 2.  Name two issues in the Election of 1952. _____________________________________________________

3.  The whole trend of the __________________ Administration was away from government participation in business.

4.  Transportation:  the _________________________Highway System was built during Eisenhower's administration.

5.  ________  ______________________ Seaway  enabled ocean going vessels to visit Great Lakes ports.

6.  ____________________________   the world's first nuclear powered merchant vessel.

7.  Anti-Communist revolts in East Germany,  and ___________________________

8.  What was the Suez Canal Crisis? ____________________________________________________________

______ 9.    Jackie Robinson

______ 10.  Marian Anderson

______ 11.  Martin Luther King Jr.

______ 12.  Rosa Parks

______ 13.  Brown vs. Board of Ed

______ 14.  Election of 1960

______ 15.  New Frontier


a. the second closest Presidential race of the 20th  Century.

b. famous for her courage, she was arrested for not giving up her
    seat on the bus.

c. one of the greatest opera singers of the age.

d. Supreme Court decision that called for the desegregation
    (racial integration) of all public schools.

e. first black major league baseball player.

f. he led the Civil Rights Movement 

g. JFK's   social and welfare programs

Lesson # 84 Kennedy Years:

16.  Who was the youngest elected president? _______________ Who led nonviolent marches in Washington D. C. and in the South____________________

17.  ___________________________ was the first Roman Catholic to be President.

18.  Name the movement to give minorities civil rights as defined in the 14th amendment life, liberty and property.____

19.   Space Program to put men in space and a man on the moon by the end of the ______________________. 

20.   ______________________  ______________________________first American's in space.

21.  Month, day, and year of Kennedy's Assassination. _____________ Killed by  Lee Harvey ________________

22. ____________________________________ was JFK's Attorney General of the US. was assassinated in 1968

23. ___________ _______________     AKA "Kennedy's Corps"  were volunteers who helped third world
                                                                countries with medical, sanitation, and education.

24.  Who was the Communist dictator of Cuba?

25.  _______________  ________    built by the Communists to keep East Berliners from escaping to the free world.


Lesson # 85 Life in Post WW II  America

26.  Who developed a polio vaccine? _____________ a preparation of killed organisms to increase immunity_____

27. How did the U.S. change as the the richest nation in the world? _____________________________________

28. How did Science and  Technology changed American way of life? ___________________________________

29.  List the sport for these sports heroes:  Jim Brown, Arnold Palmer, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson

30.  What is capital punishment?______________________________ abortion? _____________

31.Which Supreme Court case made abortion legal in the U.S. ?_____________________

32. __________________________ evangelist who conducted crusades.