United States Hist                   Quiz Lesson 86-89                      Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 86 Johnson and the Great Society  

1.   By 1964 Johnson attempted to solve the nation's domestic problems he declared a "War __ _____________ "

2.  What name was given to President Johnson social programs? __________________________________

3.  These programs became the largest public welfare program since the ___________  _______________________

4.  What did the Civil Rights Movement attempt to do? ___________________________________________________

5.  Which law prohibited racial discrimination in public schools? ____________________________________________

6. What did the 24th Amendment  do? _______________    7.  __________________ first black cabinet officer

8.  Growing discontent with the government at home and abroad became known the "Era_________________"

9.  __________________________ Which law gave federal grants for the construction of college buildings and student loans?

10.  Which law gave money to local public schools?________________________________

11.  __________________ inaugurated programs for the "War on Poverty".  _____________ gave medical care for the elderly

12.   Which law raised the standard of living of those in the Appalachian Mts.? _____________________________________

13.  Which two new Cabinet level offices were created? _______________________________________________________

14.  The Warren Court  they pursued a policy of "________________ activism", interperting the law and the
       Constitution broadly in order to address what judges perceive a major social problems

15.  In Evaluating the Great Society, list two good things and two bad things. ______________________________________

Lesson #87 Vietnam War

16.   1964 where was the U.S. navy was allegedly attacked by Vietnam ships  in the Gulf of    ______________________

17.  Pres Johnson sent thousands of troops under the command of General _____________________________________

18.  Tet Offensive  Viet Cong (__________________________ war) offensive.

19. Define Hawks ________________________________   Doves  __________________________________________

20.  Which specific groups hindered the war cause? ________________________________________________________

21.  What did television newscasts emphasize? ____________________________________________________________

22. _______________________________ War   1967  War in the Middle East:  Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel.

23.  Thurgood Marshall  1st black  ____________________.

Lesson #88 Upheaval  and Racial Conflict: 1964-1970

24. Who took Martin Luther King Jr's message to the extreme through "black power" ? _____________________________

25.   King's assassination in ________ by James Earl_______ ended his "I have a __________________ "

26.  More and more young Americans were dissatified with having to go fight in a foreign war
       and yet they can't_______________for their leaders

27.  Summarize the hippie lifestyle. ________________________________________________________________________

28. ____________________________  poorer less developed foreign countries.



Lesson # 89 1968

29. The violence and colflicting ideologies of the era from 1963 to 1973 are encapsulated to a great extent in one year__

30. President ______________________________ bows out of the election of 1968.

31.  Vice-President Hubert H. Humphry won the ________________________________ nomination

32.  Republican candidate _______________________________________ defeated Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey

33.  Death Times Two: ___________ assassination in 1968 by James Earl ________ ended his "I have a dream"

34.  In 1968 Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Presidential candidate __________________________________   the brother of JFK

25.  Gateway Arch  in _____________________ was opened.  Basketball star only person to  score 100 pts in a game. _____

36.  Willie _____________________ arguably baseball's greatest.   world's longest single - span suspension bridge_________

37.  Science:   U.S.S. _____________________________ submarine made the first round-the-world voyage entirely undersea.

38.  American Technological Advances in the Sixties    NASA astronauts went to the moon in the _______/ _______ rockets

39.  Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, were the first to walk on the ________________________

40.  "That's one small step for _____________, one giant leap for ______________________ "