United States Hist                   Quiz Lesson 86-89                      Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap

Lesson # 86 Johnson and the Great Society  

1.   By 1964 Johnson attempted to solve the nation's domestic problems he declared a "War __ _____________ "

2.  What name was given to President Johnson social programs? __________________________________

3.  These programs became the largest public welfare program since the ___________  _______________________

4.  What did the Civil Rights Movement attempt to do? ___________________________________________________

5.  Which law prohibited racial discrimination in public schools? ____________________________________________

6. What did the 24th Amendment  do? _______________    7.  __________________ first black cabinet officer

8.  Growing discontent with the government at home and abroad became known the "Era_________________"

9.  __________________________ Which law gave federal grants for the construction of college buildings and student loans?

10.  Which law gave money to local public schools?________________________________

11.  __________________ inaugurated programs for the "War on Poverty".  _____________ gave medical care for the elderly

12.   Which law raised the standard of living of those in the Appalachian Mts.? _____________________________________

13.  Which two new Cabinet level offices were created? _______________________________________________________

14.  The Warren Court  they pursued a policy of "________________ activism", interperting the law and the
       Constitution broadly in order to address what judges perceive a major social problems

15.  In Evaluating the Great Society, list two good things and two bad things. ______________________________________

Lesson #87 Vietnam War

16.   Gulf of Tonkin  1964 U.S. navy was allegedly attacked by Vietnam ships  in Gulf of Tonkin see map

17.  Pres Johnson sent thousands of troops under the command of General _____________________________________

18.  Tet Offensive  Viet Cong (__________________________ war) offensive.

19. Define Hawks ________________________________   Doves  __________________________________________

20.  Which specific groups hindered the war cause? ________________________________________________________

21.  What did television newscasts emphasize? ____________________________________________________________

22. _______________________________ War   1967  War in the Middle East:  Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel.

23.  Thurgood Marshall  1st black  ____________________.

Lesson #88 Upheaval  and Racial Conflict: 1964-1970

24. Who took Martin Luther King Jr's message to the extreme through "black power" ? _____________________________

25.   King's assassination in ________ by James Earl_______ ended his "I have a __________________ "

26.  More and more young Americans were dissatified with having to go fight in a foreign war
       and yet they can't_______________for their leaders

27.  Summarize the hippie lifestyle. ________________________________________________________________________

28. ____________________________  poorer less developed foreign countries.

Lesson # 89 1968

29. The violence and colflicting ideologies of the era from 1963 to 1973 are encapsulated to a great extent in one year__

30. President ______________________________ bows out of the election of 1968.

31.  Vice-President Hubert H. Humphry won the ________________________________ nomination

32.  Republican candidate _______________________________________ defeated Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey

33.  Death Times Two: ___________ assassination in 1968 by James Earl ________ ended his "I have a dream"

34.  In 1968 Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Presidential candidate __________________________________   the brother of JFK

25.  Gateway Arch  in _____________________ was opened.  Basketball star only person to  score 100 pts in a game. _____

36.  Willie _____________________ arguably baseball's greatest.   world's longest single - span suspension bridge_________

37.  Science:   U.S.S. _____________________________ submarine made the first round-the-world voyage entirely undersea.

38.  American Technological Advances in the Sixties    NASA astronauts went to the moon in the _______/ _______ rockets

39.  Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, were the first to walk on the ________________________

40.  "That's one small step for _____________, one giant leap for ______________________ "