United States History                        Quiz Lesson 90-93               Name: ________________________________
Teacher : Mr. Cap  

Lesson # 90 Nixon and the Silent Majority

1.  ____________________________________ Nixon coined this term as the Americans that supported him:

hardworking, quiet, respectable, decent citizens AKA 2.  "____________________"

3.  After 100 years of racial segregation the Supreme Court ordered school________________ (mixing of blacks and whites)

4.  Nixon's foreign policy: _______________War still raging. Nixon visits _____________________ & opened trade doors

5.  _____________________________________ was a lessening of tensions between the two super powers.

6.  _______________________________________ agreement led to fewer nuclear weapons

7.  OPEC oil crisis  upped the price of oil so the ____________________________ pipeline was built as a result.

8.  In an effort to pursuade North Vietnamese to make peace Nixon authorized raides into Cambodia, Laos, and massive bombing of ______________________________.  This did little to end the war

9.  William Calley and the My Lai _____________________________

10. Why did Americans sympathize with Calley?

11.  What does Four dead in Ohio mean?

12. Which papers in 1971 revealed the government's blunders and deceptions in the conduct of the war.

13.  War Powers Act which forces a president to withdraw troops after 60 days if _________________________________

14.  New Age liberalism    1st "________________ Day" was celebrated. _______ amendment lowered the voting age.

Lesson # 91 The Embattled Presidency

15.  Which Vice President resigned after admitting to tax evasion. ____________________

16.  Which President is pictured to the left? _____________________________________

17.  What was the Watergate Affair ? _________________________________________

18.  Why did President Nixon resign? _________________________________________

19.  Who was the Vice President, who became President? _________________________

20.  What did Gerald Ford  do for Richard Nixon?________________________________________________

21. Gerald R. Ford has served as a congressman from ___________________________________ for 25 years.

22.  How did Gerald Ford become Vice-President? _______________________________________________

23.  Ford did ______ work well with Congress, vetoed _________ bills and _______ were overruled by Congress.

24.  Which President ordered the evacuation of South Vietnam? ____________________

Lesson # 92  Domestic Difficulties

_____ 25. South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

_____ 26. OPEC

_____ 27. Gas lines

_____ 28. Inflation

_____ 29. Stagflation

_____ 30. money

_____ 31. trade deficit

_____ 32. women's rights

_____ 33. feminists

_____ 34. green friendly

a. these formed, as the price of gas shot up, from 35 cents a
    gallon to over a dollar.

b. high inflation and high unemployment

c. Most influential movement in the 1970s

d. Americans realized that energy sources were inexhaustible

e. Industries began to switch from highly pollutant energy to this

f. advocates of women's rights

g. in 1974 Communists quickly overtook these countries

h. importing more goods than exporting

i. "in inflation everything gets more valuable except ____ "

j. a general and progressive increase in prices

k. in 1973 they announce an oil embargo against the United States

35.  What does the acronym OPEC stand for?____________________________________________________

36. Court case where the Supreme Court struck down most state abortion laws. __________________________

37. The abortion decision legalized abortion in the U.S. signaling the era of a___________________ supreme court.

Lesson # 93 The Ineffectual Presidency

42.  By the election of 1976 why were Americans suspicious of almost all Washington politicians? ______________

43.  Peanut farmer and former governor of Georgia, ____________  _______________________wins the election. 

44.  Who was the first candidate to declare that he was  "born again"? ___________________________________

45.  Carter's foreign policy tried to protect ________________ _________________for people in foreign countries.

46.  Ayatollah ______________________________ a Muslim religious leader, captured the American embassy.

47.  In Tehran, the Iranian capital # _________ American hostages and held them for the next ____ months.

48. What happened when Carter tried to rescue the hostages? ________________________________________

49.  Name three Franchises and chain stores ____________________ _________________ _______________

50.  Name four Sunbelt states:  _______________________________________________________________

51.  Why did people move from the cold northern states to the sunbelt states? ___________________________

52. What year did the U.S. celebrated its bicentennial  (200 years)? ________________________

53.  President Carter gives away the ____________________ Canal Zone back to the____________________

54. __________________   a group of Communist guerrilla  soldiers who overthrew the government in Nicaragua.

55. Three Mile Island ________________________________ plant near disaster.

56.  ______________________Peace Accords  Jews and Arabs signed a peace treaty for the first time in history. 

57.  Why didn't peace last? _________________________________________________________________